In Review — 2017

Sunset on Miyajima (Dusk of 2017)

As the sun is about to set for 2017, I but can’t help reflect what an amazing year 2017 has been! For me personally 2017 was a year of many “firsts”. I have summarized few of the many awesome experiences I had in 2017.

Experiencing the Land of the Rising Sun: In February I visited Japan and was awestruck by the beauty, heritage, friendliness, hospitality, cleanliness and most importantly the delicious food. I do not speak Japanese, and at first I was a bit apprehensive of how the visit will turn out. Few of my Japanese friends taught me some important phrases and I ventured ahead. I am happy to say, it was an experience of the lifetime. The people in Japan were very friendly and accommodating. I tried to converse with them in a mixture of English, Hindi, Marathi, sign-language and most importantly tried hard to learn new bits and pieces of Japanese. One of the humbling experiences was in Hiroshima when I was trying to get to Miyajima. I got on the wrong bus and ended up at a completely different train station. Patiently the bus driver explained the route to me with just numbers and sign-language and I reached the ferry to Miyajima without any further issues. This was my first visit to Japan but definitely not the last one!

Devoxx US: In March I was one of the speakers at Devoxx US. The conference was filled with rich content, amazing speakers and gave numerous opportunities to network, share ideas and concepts. I co-presented and Robots for the Kid in Us talks. I was also one of the conductors for Devoxx4Kids workshop which took place before Devoxx. This was my first Devoxx experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope to have the opportunity to present at many more Devoxx-es in the future.

Eclipse Collections Project Lead: In April, I was handed over the reins of Eclipse Collections and made the active project lead. I have been a contributor to the framework for more than 2 years and it was an amazing feeling to be recognized as a project lead. I worked hard to continue the legacy of successful project leads like Hiroshi, Craig and Don. This year we designed the official Eclipse Collections project logo, released 9.0.0 major version which works fine with JDK 9, presented Eclipse Collections via numerous avenues. I have highlighted my experience leading Eclipse Collections in this blog.

GIDS 2017: In April, I traveled to India, my homeland and presented at the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS 2017). This was my first time at GIDS and I will highly recommend developers to participate in GIDS as a speaker or as an attendee. The conference organizers do a phenomenal job putting the event together. They take good care of not just the attendees but also the speakers. The 4-day event was sold out with standing room only for pretty much all presentations. Looking forward to continued participation at GIDS.

JavaOne: In September, I was happy to be a part of the speaker lineup for JavaOne and JavaOne4Kids. This was my third JavaOne (second as a speaker) and like every year it was an amazing week. I was delighted to reconnect with many friends, Java Gurus, developer advocates, awesome people from the community. I learnt a lot of new things with the main theme being JDK 9, advancing Eclipse Collections and open source participation. I also planned my UK, Ireland JUG tour during the tail end of JavaOne. JavaOne was definitely one the highlights of my year.

UK, Ireland JUG tour: As the year drew to an end, I visited UK, Ireland in November. I presented at various Java User Groups during my visit. In summer, I had visited Manchester and met one of my good friends Nick. Nick is also one of the organizers of Manchester Java Community (MJC) and floated the idea of me returning to Manchester to present at an MJC event. This was really the beginning of the tour planning. It was an amazing experience to travel to London, Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and meet with the Java community and have a ton of amazing discussions. I have written my tour experience on this blog. I would definitely want to do a similar tour again.

Wrap it up in India: I decided what other better way to end an awesome year than to visit family and take a break for a couple of weeks. 2017 was definitely a year of many firsts, I hope to continue the streak in 2018 and wish that it is much more positively eventful with many firsts and seconds.

I would like to thank each and every one who was a part of my 2017 and hoping to create even more awesome memories in 2018.

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!

Sunrise on Crete (Dawn of 2018)
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