PCA in Pharo using PolyMath, DataFrame and Roassal

Nikhil Pinnaparaju
May 14 · 5 min read

Loading the Dataset

| dataset f Xmatrix scale X y pca scaled_X reduced_X graph setosa versicolor virginica a b c|f := <path_to_file> asFileReference.dataset := DataFrame readFromCsv: f.
dataset columnNames: #( 'slength' 'swidth' 'plength' 'pwidth' 'target' ).
dataset removeRowAt: 150.
dataset do: [ :row |
row at: #slength transform: [ :element | element asNumber ].
row at: #swidth transform: [ :element | element asNumber ].
row at: #plength transform: [ :element | element asNumber ].
row at: #pwidth transform: [ :element | element asNumber ].
Iris Dataset

Applying PCA to our Data

X := dataset columnsFrom: 1 to: 4.
y := dataset columnsFrom: 5 to: 5.
Xmatrix := PMMatrix rows: ( X asArrayOfRows ).
scale := PMStandardizationScaler new.
scale fit: Xmatrix.
scaled_X := DataFrame withRows: ( (scale fitAndTransform: Xmatrix) rows ) columnNames: #( 'slength' 'swidth' 'plength' 'pwidth' ).
Xmatrix := (PMMatrix rows: scaled_X).
pca := PMPrincipalComponentAnalyserJacobiTransformation new componentsNumber: 2.
pca fit: Xmatrix.
Xmatrix := (pca transform: Xmatrix).
reduced_X := DataFrame withRows: ( Xmatrix rows ).
reduced_X addColumn: (y column: 'target') named: 'target' atPosition: 3.
Iris Data Post PCA

Visualizing the Data

a := OrderedCollection new.
b := OrderedCollection new.
c := OrderedCollection new.
(reduced_X) do: [ :row | ( (row at: 'target') = 'Iris-setosa') ifTrue: [ a add: (row asArray )] ].(reduced_X) do: [ :row | ( (row at: 'target') = 'Iris-versicolor') ifTrue: [ b add: (row asArray )] ].(reduced_X) do: [ :row | ( (row at: 'target') = 'Iris-virginica') ifTrue: [ c add: (row asArray )] ].
graph := RTGrapher new.setosa := RTData new.
versicolor := RTData new.
virginica := RTData new.
setosa dotShape color: Color red.
versicolor dotShape color: Color blue.
virginica dotShape color: Color green.
setosa points: (a).
setosa x: [:vect | vect at: 1].
setosa y: [:vect | vect at: 2].
setosa label: 'setosa'.
versicolor points: (b).
versicolor x: [:vect | vect at: 1].
versicolor y: [:vect | vect at: 2].
versicolor label: 'versicolor'.
virginica points: (c).
virginica x: [:vect | vect at: 1].
virginica y: [:vect | vect at: 2].
virginica label: 'virginica'.
graph add: setosa.
graph add: versicolor.
graph add: virginica.
graph axisX title: 'Principal Comp 1'.
graph axisY title: 'Principal Comp 2'.
graph legend below.

Nikhil Pinnaparaju

Written by

4th Year Undergraduate Student at the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

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