Thoughts on love, relationships and marriage

To all the people (relatives, friends) who care about me, and are interested in knowing when I will marry or whether I have found someone special, I have a message:

I haven’t found anyone yet. Nor do I plan to marry, either anytime soon or even ever. The day I make any progress on this front, you will be the first to know.

I think marriage is only a legal, societal stamp on relationships, and such a stamp holds the least significance to me.

The purpose of my life, and I think of any life is not necessarily to be in a relationship — it is to be happy, irrespective of relationship status.

Even if I do plan to get married, it won’t be an arranged one.

Relationships? If I ever get into one, we might not even stay together all the time. I don’t want the person I love to become a default, irritating regularity in my life.

Love? I think as a human I am (and I suspect we all are) always chasing good experiences, friendship, love, good sex irrespective of where it is coming from and when. When it comes to relationships (which, to many equates with monogamy), monogamy for me is more of not being able to handle more than one person at a time than wanting purposefully to stay with only that person. Going a step too far may be, would I be comfortable with a consensual non-monogamous relationship that works both ways? May be not.

And kids? I think I will be too busy traveling the world or doing whatever my heart tells me to do, rather than creating children only to slog for them, or to look at them as backup for my old age.

It’s all open-ended as of now, and I think it will continue to be.

I want to have fun, you can interpret it in any which way you want, and I don’t want to get cringe-ridden serious anytime soon, may be even ever.

Hope this clears the air about my personal life, and on my thoughts on relationships, and I hope I stop getting asked about it every now and again.

Thanks for reading.

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