The Genesis of Freadom

Why do we need to nurture happy readers by design

Children deserve beauty, stimulation and exposure to delightful things. They deserve to see the results of their own creativity, of challenging themselves and moving outside a certain comfort zone.

The Icarus story has been retold time and again, that of how his father made him wings of wax and warned him not to fly too close to the sun. Icarus ignored his advice and as a result the wax melted and he fell into the sea. However, there is one crucial part of the story that is often skipped from the popular narrative. The fact that Icarus’s father also happened to mention,

Son, more importantly do not fly too low, lest the dampness of the sea would clog your wings and you would surely perish.’

More than anything, we believe that kids need to be equipped and empowered to think and fly higher. And one time-tested, proven way of doing that is to make them fall in love with reading — one of the most important life skills there is.

Thus emerged, FREADOM — An app designed to help you raise a happy reader.

The idea behind Freadom is to unlock a new, unexplored world for the parent and the child. A world where expertise and impact are both attainable. A transformational world which they’ll instantly fall in love with as it holds the key to every other universe possible. The world of stories, activities and fun. Eventually, a world of kindness, empathy, academic expertise and reading with purpose and pleasure.

With immense love, some trepidation and with a lot of hope we bring you this offering. Go on, this independence day, gift yourself Freadom.

Shall we, READ. PLAY. GO!

Freadom is a Stones2Milestones venture. Its first offering for parents and children at home in order to realise our dream of Creating A Nation of Readers. You can register at and follow @getfreadom on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

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