How to tackle the Problem of Pakistan

Not many of us knew what this word “Surgical Attack” meant before 29th September. The news broke out in the morning when Indian Military released official press statement about their clinical operation at night, striking at multiple locations across the Line of Control. The operation was carried out with such meticulous planing and so much stealth that the Indian Army claimed of killing around 40 terrorists without any casualty on our side. Pakistan however denied of any such attack from India, termed it as cross border firing and made sure that things do not escalate further. But the whole World knows the truth.

However this is not the first time in recent history that Indian Military acted in surgical mode. Back in June 2015, Indian commandos entered Myanmar border to carry out a surgical attack to kill the Naga rebel Terrorists who were camping in Myanmar after they had killed 18 of our soldiers in Manipur. And now the similar operation happened in POK as a reaction to Uri Attack. The similarity in both is that both the attacks happened as a reaction to loss of our soldier’s lives. India has to be more proactive from now onwards. The Surgical Operations should not be for avenging Uri but for preventing Uri from now on.

Pakistan has been hurtful and thorny for so many of its neighbouring countries that most of the South Asian countries have boycotted the SAARC summit following India’s decision to do so at first place. Pakistan is considered as the safe haven for the terrorists, who are used effectively by their army against India and Afganistan. In short, the Pakistan Government is ruled by Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Army is controlled by the Terrorists. Many of such terrorists were getting ready to enter India from different launchpads in POK across the LOC under the cover from Pak Army. The terrorists have entered in India from these routes many times in the past. However India’s investment in security and monitoring systems is finally paying off. Recently with the advanced survelliance systems and effective Drone monitoring, India has a better visibility of the LOC region and can sniff any such irregular movement of biomass across the border.

Post this successful mission, there has been a wave of patriotism across the country. The public opinion in India is that we should go on a war and destroy Pakistan once for all. This is a hypothetical situation as neither Pakistan nor India can afford to go on a war. Being nuclear powers the damage on both sides will be huge and irrecoverable. The only option India is left with is whenever they find out any such attempts of border infringement across LOC, they go ahead with quick attacks and neutralize the threat within few minutes. India will need to have effective surveillance in place in order to prevent terrorists from entering India.

Pakistan’s diplomatic isolation on global level can be a dangerous proposition for India. With isolation, Pakistan will only become another North Korea who care the least about any global pressure now. In this case India will be at the immediate threat because Pakistan’s military power and nuke threats are not to be considered as hollow as North Korea. Surprisingly both Pakistan and North Korea will be backed by China to maintain their dominance in this region. So India will have to battle out on both the fronts if that situation arises. Therefore India will have to play smart and take action only when they sense movement across the border. That is the best way to tackle the problem of Pakistan.

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