EthTask ~ A blockchain payment solution

Powered by Ethereum, working with your Trello tasks.

It’s my first post, but this’ll be a good one I promise. I’m Nikhil. I build my own products, write code, and travel a lot.

I’m actually writing this on a plane from Athens 🛫 London, where I will eventually fly back to Canada to my hometown of Mississauga (city beside Toronto).

Look at the Alps

I’m a JavaScript (Angular, React, Vue, Node) and ConsenSys certified smart contract (Solidity) developer.

In this post, I’m going to describe a project I am building — it’s called EthTask.

What is EthTask?

EthTask is a blockchain payment system, working with your Trello tasks.

So, what does all of this even mean?

I can best illustrate this with a simple 4-step list:

  1. Deposit some ETH into the EthTask smart contract.

2. Import your Trello members and add ETH addresses to them

3. Import your Trello tasks and add ETH rewards to them

4. Upon completion and review of a task, transfer your member the ETH reward

That’s it —told you it was simple.

What problem does EthTask solve?

EthTask solves two problems.

  1. Complex workforce expenses

Only pay for tasks that get completed and reviewed. No longer stress about wasted money and dishonest employees

2. Poor work incentives

Payment is instant once a task is completed. No fuzzy contracts, no hidden terms, just simple rewards your workforce deserves.

What will you get with EthTask?

There are three things you will get with EthTask.

As an organization, you will get:

  1. Transparent workforce expenses

Never question your workforce expenses again. Every task is associated with an ETH reward, so easily know where your payments are going.

2. Instant payments

Once a task is completed and reviewed, instantly issue a payment to your workforce member.

3. Easy bookkeeping

What tasks got done today and how much did they cost? EthTask helps you answer this question every single day

Closing remarks

Gig, freelance, on-demand — whatever you want to call it — this type of economy is growing larger year by year. There may be many tasks within your organization that can be done via a temporary, contractual agreement.

This is where EthTask is handy.

There is no longer a need to stress about different currencies, either. The medium of exchange and reward is ether. One currency, always.

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