Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

“My questions may strike you as unhelpful or uncomfortable. I’m beyond caring. Call me a Blairite, Tory, Establishment stooge, careerist, sellout, whatever makes you feel better.”

Man up Owen! You’ve been talking a lot of sense for a long time, you are educated and well versed in “the system”. You are placing yourself in the spotlight, so leave the pity party at the door and deal with the facts… yes the facts.

You ask a lot of very valid questions, but they are not questions specifically to hold Corbyn to account. Most of your questions are a Labour-wide discussion.
How to capture over-44’s, how to reclaim Scotland, how to xyz…

The answer always has and always will be… unity.

Corbyn has spent a life’s career knowing that battles aren’t won in a day, overnight, in a week. It’s the people that don’t go crying to mummy when things aren’t going their way that win, it’s the people that despite barbaric abuse, still offer a hand of welcome that win.

You are passionate, I get that, but don’t let your passion turn into popularism. There is a battle going on, one that this article is now being used as ammunition for the dissenters. If this were a warzone, you would now be an arms dealer. Direct your frustrations, don’t let the prospect of what “could be” become nothing for the sake of the bullies.

You have spoken previously of the “firestorm”, yet now it is in full effect, you appear to lose sight, you want immediate resolution… please look at the world around you and give a single example of how “immediate” resolves anything. Theresa May commentary, Boris Johnson denounciation? Why look to the politics of the past to solve the problems of the future, please move beyond the headlines and see that the real way to defeat all foes is to be moral, consistent and respectful… if we don’t have that.. we are them.

You probably won’t read this, you’re a busy guy… but I will leave saying stand up and be counted — pick a side and give it your all. That is the impasse we are at, and you appear to have a seat on the fence, a fence that is going to get knocked down really soon. You can either be on it when it falls, or leading a charge from either side.