Get Your Recharge Faster Than Ever Before

Mobile recharge is a valuable tool for every user, so as to keep enjoying uninterrupted phone service. However, finding the right plan, setting it up, and then managing it is a process many users recognize as time-consuming, taxing, and especially confusing. With Niki, you can benefit from all the assets of mobile recharge with a fraction of the effort.

The creators of Niki are excited to announce a powerful and robust recharge service that you can trust. Niki spans all plans for a range of mobile operators across the states of India, so no matter your preferred provider, Niki can assist. Designed to bring ease and peace of mind to all its users, this bot can perform your recharge with lightning-fast efficiency. There’s no need to struggle with establishing and maintaining your recharge time yourself; Niki allows you to relax and enjoy your phone time without the danger of interruptions, complications or headaches.

How does she do this?

Get your Recharge fast served with Niki!

By Doing All the Legwork: Niki will automatically identify your number, your operator, and your circle, so all that’s needed from you is a few quirky words to specify the amount, select a payment option, and leave the rest in her hands. As a fully functional bot, Niki can execute your wishes with zero human intervention.

By Offering Recommendations: It’s easy to get lost in the multitude of available plans; not to mention it takes time and effort reviewing the options and thumbing through the complicated details. There’s no need for that with Niki; this AI locates the nearest plans and recommends only the best of the crop, making your search for the perfect choice twice as fast and half as complicated. By simply specifying the amount you’re willing to pay and a few other important features you seek (data size, validity etc…), Niki will go to work finding exactly what you want, returning with top-notch results almost immediately!

By making Payments In-Chat: Moving through webpages to make payments has always been so annoying. Niki addresses this exact problem helping you with In-Chat payment for any transaction that you make on it (via Paytm wallet). Our chat-bot does end-to-end purchases, so you never have to move out of the app!

By Learning From You: The first of its kind, Niki bot harnesses the latest technology to understand and learn, allowing her to customize the experience for each individual user so that every interaction is better than the one before. The longer you know Niki, the more efficient she becomes, with the ability to offer more accurate suggestions, faster responses, and understand your unique style of communication.

By Keeping You Updated With Reminders: Nothing’s worse than forgetting about your plan altogether, only to find out later that it has expired. Burning calling balances after missing out a data recharge deadline is a daily affair with thousands. Your recharge bot is here; not only will she make the recharge herself, she’ll also remember these deadlines for you. Get ready to be pinged on the deadline day; Niki allows you to stay informed with no effort at all, eliminating burning balances altogether.

What other great advantages does Niki offer?

Works on 2G with lightning speed: Niki’s most appealing feature is her ability to operate on 3G or 2G without any reduction in her speed and efficiency. This allows you to enjoy her services no matter your net speed and no matter where you are — at home, at work, or out and about.

Recharge Other Numbers: With burning balances plaguing people of every kind, you might have a friend or family member who shares your plight. Niki is here to help them too! You can enter-in the details of this other number and ask Niki to handle their recharge as well as yours.

Mobile Number Portability: Should you change service provider, Niki will transfer with you and offer updated information for establishing a new recharge plan, as well as offering recommendations on new Operator and Circle.

Chat-based Communication: Niki is a chat-based bot that allows you to communicate with her just like instant messaging. This means that if you’re in a hurry or just prefer text-based communication, Niki can offer you the best services with the least effort.

Customizable Controls: Niki allows you to enjoy her service just the way you want it, offering a range of easily navigated controls and power buttons, so your chat experience can be both customized and fun.

Niki is just beginning and she’s only going to get better. Many of her outstanding features are still in development, which will be available in the near future to make her not just an intelligent bot, but a fully realized personal assistant. Until then, you can enjoy Niki in public beta, allowing her to bring ease and convenience to your everyday life. Have any ideas or suggestions for her improvement? Drop us a line anytime at , so you can contribute to making Niki even better! Also, if you’re interested in working with us hands-on, you can visit our website’s business page to find out more. Postpaid Mobile Recharge will soon be up and running. Watch out!

It’s time to live it up with Niki! Go ahead, install the App now:

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