Let’s Talk About My Dogs

I have two of them. One is roughly 4 years old, we adopted him from a lovely couple who had been fostering him, back in October of 2015. I really needed him. That year, I had lost both of my previous dogs to cancer. One I knew had cancer & we did our best to battle it, the other was a complete surprise, and passed within 6 hours of me realizing something was wrong. So, when Lukas Skywalker came into my life, a veil of depression was lifted, and I felt happy again. Sure it was the first time in a very long time I didn’t have to worry about getting home to “let the dog out,” but I really could not imagine life any other way. And you know what, something told me that Lukas needed me too.

After about nine months of getting Lukas acclimated to his new life with us, we thought, “Hey! Let’s get him a friend!” I thought a puppy would be fun, and started looking. My fiance at the time (now husband), mentioned he wanted a particular breed, but I had a very specific attachment to another breed, so I did my best to compromise. Low and behold, I found the perfect puppy mix! We rushed to the pet store, where the rescue had set up, and waited patiently for the puppies to arrive. There was this one dog, we assumed to be about 2 years old; just SO sweet. We kept circling back to him, and he glued himself to us. The puppies arrived, and we were no longer interested. “Is this Oreo?” I asked (since I had memorized every dog in the listing), “Nope, that’s Heartlee, because his nose looks like a heart.” We inquired more, and found out that he, himself, was also a puppy. Four months old! Oh my. I love BIG dogs, and he was exactly the mix I had always dreamed of. We took him home, and Johan Solo is doing wonderful. It turns out, that we rescued him from the rescue, but that story will be told another time.

Is anyone out there wondering what breeds these guys are?! Or are you wondering why they were named after Star Wars characters? I’ll explain the latter first. My husband loves Star Wars. I pick the dogs. He picks the names. Easy arrangement. Additionally, the meaning behind the name Lukas is said to be, “to bring light.” And that’s exactly what he did for me. Since we had Skywalker, Solo seemed next in line. The name Johan generally means, “gift from God.” I’ll take it! Something (maybe God) led us to him, and he is now a part of our family.

Circling back to the first question above; Lukas is a Pit Bull/Mastiff mix, and Johan is an American Staffordshire Terrier/Great Dane, etc. mix. Yeah, they’re scary pit bulls! To my neighbors that is. The spark of this entire rambling is because I had, yet again, another neighbor make a remark about my “pit bull” and how it’ll “eat their dog” and how they need to “stay away from their children,” all while my dogs are always on the leash, fairly well behaved, except when they see a skateboarder, while their 10 pound dogs get to run around the parking lot, typically in pairs of 2, off leash, snarling and barking at everything in sight.

Doesn’t seem fair.

I very well know the “risks” of owning a pit bull, and I pride myself in protecting them in all ways possible. I love these dogs, I love this breed, I will always rescue them, and will always stand up for them. They are big, they are strong, yet they require and deliver the utmost amount of love and loyalty of any breed I’ve ever owned. And really, that’s the known point I needed to make to the world today.