An Mfer’s Guide to Old Money: a Golden Spoonfeeding

Nik G
30 min readDec 15, 2022

“Mfer you say? I find that quite offensive!”. Don’t worry, this is both a title and a term of endearment in the Old Money universe.

Disclaimer: I go by the Twitter and Discord username NikG and I am a Cabinet member (moderator) of Old Money. First and foremost however, I am a passionate community member and holder of the project. This article is my own thoughts, summaries and perspectives of the project.

There’s a lot going on within Old Money. If your goal is to enter in, be prepared to regularly read the news and announcements, and to partake in the fuckery that is the Discord. You’ll come out on the other side stronger for it. Mfers tend to play hard but once you’re part of the community, it’s hard to imagine being without it. My recommendation: lean into the experience.

Having said that, the Old Money project has reached one year since its inception. It has become increasingly difficult for a newcomer/‘whitenames’ as we like to say, or someone interested in jumping in, to grasp the numerous happenings and intricacies that have transpired. Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind since day one. For this reason I am writing this “golden spoon feeding” rundown of everything Old Money. From the community, founders, art, tech, utility, and cultural relevance, this article will be expansive, detailed, open, honest, critical, and passionate. I hope you enjoy it.

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
    A. TL:DR; So what exactly is Old Money?
    B. Founders/Characters
    C. Entry into the Community
    D. Let’s start from the beginning
  2. Foundations:
    A. Origins of Old Money: The Inflation Times LXI
    B. A flourishing community was building
    C. The Inflation Times LXII
    D. The Inflation Times LXIII and Sound Money First Campaign Materials
    E. The Inflation Times LXIV
    F. HODL culture
  3. Main Release and building:
    A. The main collection: 7,500 beautifully crafted $0.2 bills
    B. Community development and Dilly’s Auction House
    C. Welcome to Yew Nork!
    D. Xesserson House
    E. Jealous Island
    F. In the shadows…
  4. Community participation:
    A. The Inflation Times LXV
    B. Community driven storytelling
    C. The Inflation Times LXVI
    D. The Inflation Times LXVII
    E. It’s campaigning season, Mfers!
    F. The Election; will you give a FUCK?
    G. The Fake Rug of August ‘22
    H. The Final Inflation Times LXVIII
  5. Thoughts, events and future utility:
    A. Holders and demographics
    B. CNFTcon
    C. What now with all the TiTs?
    D. Upcoming releases, tech built and utility

1A: TL:DR; So what exactly is Old Money?

Old Money is a NFT project and is a premature monument to paper currency (our dear fiat), which continues to lose its value. It is a tongue-in-cheek and satirical commentary on the state of the American Dollar, rising inflation and political discord, all set within its own universe dubbed ‘Yew Nork’ (this naming theme will be quite frequent). Walk into this universe and you’ll find yourself tangled up in political tropes, imploding monetary systems, graft, corruption, wild memes, politicians on the lam, coup d’etats and brutal reprisals. The story behind OM revolves around some key characters, all whom are strongly inspired by true to life historical figures who had a guilty hand in creating this monetary mess we find ourselves in today.

The trinity of fuckery needs to be explained before we go further…

Hoodro Wilson references Woodrow Wilson, under whom the FED was born. Richard Trixson is inspired by Richard Nixon, the man with the genius idea to erase the gold standard. Thomas Xesserson represents Thomas Jefferson, who played the main role in implementing the US Dollar.

What are their impact in this world? Great question Mfer! In the world of Old Money the three main players are:
- President Thomas Xesserson: Former President who suffered from Thousand Personalities Disorder (His face(s) are on all $0.2 bills). He fled the White House, leaving Hoodro and Trixson in charge. What could go wrong?
- Mfer. Hoodro Wilson: Secretary of Fuckery. The Federal Reserve was created on his watch and now look what it’s become. He wants us to turn back on the old printing machines so he can inflate the fiat money supply to an all time high ONCE again.
- Mfer. Richard Trixson: Over-Printer in Chief. His new economic policy was supposed to stop the devaluation of our dollar but all it’s done is cause inflation to come back with a vengeance. He won’t let another scandal keep him from printing more bills.

1B: Founders/Characters

Hoodro Wilson (Justin Cruz) is the developer and whizz kid of the administration, creating one of, if not the best, websites for a project in the entire space, among many other unique features afforded to the OM community. Tech is built for the community daily, with new ways for members to connect, collaborate, compare and interact. This Mfer builds left and right, a true developer and coding wizard.

Richard Trixson (Mikael Colombu) is the artist behind the scenes of this operation, creating all the lovely NFT’s you will see today. Mischievous and up-to-no-good, this Mfer is in his own league. Having worked previously in the music industry creating his signature brand of visual/graphic videography dubbed Jankyvision, his style is distinct and he has found his own niche within the projects unique theme.

These two are the team but also the main characters in the OM universe, both vying it out for supremacy, openly and playfully conversing like two main political rivals. However, unlike the politically correct mannerisms and conventions of the normal political landscape, these Mfers have no problems speaking their mind and telling how it is.

These guys aren’t your conventional project “Heads”, they’re enveloped and integral into the story, they play their roles candidly, unashamedly and brashly. They’re not here to convince you to invest, they’re here to provide something no one else is doing and if you buy into that idea, you’ll find they’re incredibly passionate, intelligent and loyal to their community. These Mfers live and breathe the project and the lore. It’s fun, it’s witty and it doesn’t apologise for being in its own lane.

So eloquent with their words, don’t you think?
When they do break from character, you can expect the same level of candidness and humour

1C: Entry into the Community

First and foremost, entry into the Old Money community was deliberately not straightforward. The two founders built the project on one, somewhat controversial, underlying principle: ‘fuckery’. An inquisitive mind might immediately want to know what the term ‘fuckery’ entails. To explain this, it is important to know that storytelling and lore are more important than the art or utility of the NFTs they produce and that Mfers buy, sell and cherish. For this reason the Old Money community has been slowly cultivated and hardened into a cult-like crew (I’m biased, but I say this in the best possible way). So to answer the question… fuckery, in essence, is the exaggeration and satirical spin on the dealings, negotiations, promises, campaigning and day-to-day lives of politicians, and said political machine’s interactions with its citizens. In short, the satirical lens through which it views the current political and monetary system of the United States is the perspective and driving force behind the Old Money madness.

In a world where inflationary practice, scandals and underworld connections are exaggerated to the max, this story isn’t for the faint of heart and it isn’t made to be pretty. It’s meant to step on your toes, make you feel uncomfortable with the current system and shine a light on the almost useless and corrupt nature of politicians and monetary policy, all through the lens of crypto and blockchain users and advocates. However, interlaced throughout all of this, is humour and jest, poking fun at common institutions and political figures. It’s incredibly witty, funny and reflective.

1D: Let’s start from the beginning

This article is going to be a long one so make a cup of tea or pour yourself a drink, whatever you need. I’m going to run through the project’s releases chronologically to make things easier and not get sidetracked (I’ll try).

I’ll preface this by laying some things down first. There are currently 7 collections the project has released, all interwoven and connected to the story of Yew Nork, the Presidency and the story of the citizens who occupy it (That’s you, Mfer!).

The Inflation Times (TiTs)= Newspaper style NFTs that tell the story of Old Money. It’s the go to source for new or upcoming news related to the project, sprinkled with humour, memes, jokes, community references and plays on conventional political reporting. There are a total of 8 Editions of the paper with varying rarities.

$0.2 Bills (Bills)= The signature collection of the project. These are the main commentary of the project about the inflation of the Dollar, so much so that they’re only effectively worth 20¢ instead of $1. There are 7,500 of them.

Campaign Materials (CMs)= Campaign related paraphernalia of each candidate, doubling as on-chain voting rights for the Old Money Presidential Election. In total there are 12,000 (4,000 for each candidate)

FUCKs = The voting mechanism of the Election meant Mfer’s could mint a FUCK (think of a Bond), which had certain weighting for the candidate they chose.

Back of Bills (BoBs) = 1 of 1 series of which only 9 exist currently. They are rewards for holders for solving Vault Hunts (will explain later) and rare Auction events. They are individual and unique pieces. Arguably the most coveted and valued pieces in the whole project.

WENBOY* = The next iteration/version of the TiTs. It’s part of the Season 2 roadmap of releases for OM, with Issue 1 launching mid October. Think of it as a more intimate view into the project with a classic twist of fuckery and lore building.

Collectors Coins = Rewards for collectors who amassed different combinations of TiTs. They are primarily a collectible only but will have future benefits like boosting your Mfer ranking.

2A: November 1st 2021 — Origins of Old Money: The Inflation Times LXI

Old Money’s first NFT, ‘The Inflation Times LXI’

Organic growth is quite the buzzword nowadays but OM was truly born in this fashion. An interview with Hoodro’s real life persona on the CNFT News Youtube channel gave people the first hint of the project. The first NFT dropped by the team was from a brand new Twitter account, with only the price, address and a photo. This was The Inflation Times (commonly referred to by the community as TiTs, because why not?), the go-to news source to learn more about the project. Through the deep corners of Twitter and Discord, the limited run of 700 copies were sold at 50₳ each. No hopium, no hype, just stealth. As people began to read the news and understand the premise of the project, newly introduced Mfer’s began fawning over the concept, the art and the story. Inside contained details about the project, the lore, and a list of ‘Regulatorz’ (a shout-out to many members inside and outside of the Cardano community). Even Charles Hoskinson himself is a regulator and signed a copy of the first edition, showing utter disdain for Hoodro (Woodrow) Wilson. was launched and it sent degens into a frenzy, trying to locate the Discord server before anyone else. In the early hours of the morning, the infamous 2500 Club raided and plundered the Discord server, causing quite the ruckus. Hoodro and Trixson were awoken to this news and immediately the Mfer community was born.

The first Old Money promo film

2B: A flourishing community was building

Within the Discord, eager and passionate community members began forming a strong bond and really connecting with the premise behind the project. A reason why many, if not all, people are in the cryptocurrency space to begin with, is the devaluing of our fiat currency. This project is a reflection and commentary of that.

2C: November 5th 2021 — The Inflation Times LXII

Edition #2, ‘The Inflation Times LXII’

After a few days the next edition of TiTs was available to mint and it was an instant sell out with 700 copies selling at 50₳ each. Mfers were clamouring to get their hands on the latest news. In that edition even the degens who crashed the Discord became part of Old Money lore. Mfers felt even more connected to the project as they could contribute and alter the course of where the project was going. Truly refreshing.

2D: November 13th 2021 — Hoodro hacks the drop: The Inflation Times LXIII and Sound Money First Campaign Materials

In the world of OM, Mfer. Hoodro Wilson declared his bid and candidacy for office against President Xesserson. During the distribution for the third edition of The Inflation Times, Hoodro hijacked the drop, knocking out and locking Trixson in a toilet, so he could distribute Campaign Materials to Mfers instead. These NFTs were Mfer. Hoodro Wilson related paraphernalia, the Sound Money Election Posters. These were teased to have their own utility down the road, but we will circle back to that. The Inflation Times third edition was subsequently distributed to Mfers, on a 1:1 airdrop basis, making everything whole again. There were 700 copies of the posters at 50₳, then 700 papers airdropped with 7 variations of 100 each.

What went down that day definitely ruffled the feathers of a few members of the community. The ‘fuckery’, the chaos and the mechanism of the drop resulted in a loss of members from the project. This was definitely the first rite of passage into the project, resulting in clear direction: Expect fuckery at every turn, trust in the process and you’ll be fine. In the end, those airdropped LXIII TiTs are some of the most valued NFTs in the entire project, sitting at around a 2000₳ floor due to their rarity.

Sound Money First posters that Hoodro sent instead of The Inflation Times
Edition #3, ‘The Inflation Times LXIII’ with 7 variations of 100 copies each

2E: November 23rd 2021 — The Inflation Times LXIV

The fourth and final TiT drop before the main collection release had Mfers at fever pitch. In an extremely thorough and detailed action plan, Mfers were promised free $0.2 Bill airdrops for holding different combinations of TiT’s and Campaign Materials prior to the main collection release, the 7,500 crafted $0.2 bills. Collecting all copies of the TiTs as well as CMs would entitle you to 3 $0.2 Bills airdropped to you before the main release. As Hoodro and Trixson said “It pays to be a Mfer”. FOMO ensued as TiTs and CM’s were swept to qualify for the airdrop.

How you clild get those sweet $0.2 bill airdrops
Edition #4, ‘The Inflation Times LXIV’

2F: HODL culture

One thing that permeated through the community was the belief in the long-term value of the collections. Day flippers and minters were punished by having to sell after realising all the editions were more or less the same. Mfers soaked up supply and it became known, “Old Money is not a flip”. In long run, and this is true of many great projects not unique to OM, holding and collecting assets would have netted you far better returns if that was your aim. The Administration (Hoodro and Trixson) have always stated: fuckery will be abundant but Mfers will be rewarded for loyalty/belief. This has created a rock-solid community of collectors who’ve ‘bought into’ the narrative, story and lore of the project.

3A. The main collection: 7,500 beautifully crafted $0.2 bills

$0.20 Bill Promo Video #1
$0.20 Bill Promo Video #2

Seven and a half thousand. That was how many beautifully crafted $0.2 bills Mfer. Richard Trixson created to be sold for 80₳ a pop. With a loyal following and many observering, the collection began minting. The detail, intricacies and novelty of the bills came to the fore as Mfer. Hoodro’s incredible printing press came to life. On the OM website at the Federal Reserve, Mfers could start minting their bills hot-off-the-press before the ink was even dry.

Side-note: Apparently 80₳ at the time was too high a minting price for the quality and uniqueness of the artwork :)

A selection of bills

Mfer. Hoodro’s printing press ran without a spanner in the works for about a month, until the last bill came off the press in a flutter and frenzy. Mfers were clamouring for more bills, they couldn’t get enough. So after a nice, slow and organic mint, the main collection was sold and the story of Old Money was just beginning.

The details, layers and complexity of the bills became more and more evident as Mfers were able to compare, trade, buy and sell bills. A 59-page detailed PDF was shared in the early days, detailing the layers and traits of the bills. The enormity of the work put into the collection was made more clear and the appreciation of the artistry behind the bills grew.

Dilly’s Auction House

3B: Community development and Dilly’s Auction House

As Mfers began to compare, trade, buy and sell bills, the Discord was a hive of activity on wide ranging topics. Preferences were being discussed, rarities detailed and general fuckery was had. A real community had formed. There was barely (if any) speak of floors or the like, Mfers were just appreciating the beauty, the thought and effort put into each bill and its traits.

Eventually came the point where one community member through his own initiative began faux-auctioning someone’s bill. Initially had in jest, this sowed the seed of a great idea. A community led and run auction house for Mfers to sell their bills to members of the community in the Discord was created. The man, the myth, the legend, Dilly, took on his role as Commissaire-priseur of Dilly’s Auction House. Every Wednesday was the highlight of the Old Money week as Dilly auctioned off Mfers bills to the highest bidder. The Discord was heaving, chaotic, hilarious and outright entertaining, there was absolutely nothing like it. It became and is one of the institutions of the Old Money story and all began as one community member’s idea, embraced by the community and enjoyed by all.

In the early days it was a primitive system before the advent of SC marketplaces and limited features. Sales were done firstly P2P, then all bundled lots were done via escrow with a single item being listed (in order to reduce sniping) and sold, with the rest manually transferred afterwards. Finally bundling was added into marketplace functionality and that’s where we stand today with logging results for the auctions.

From small beginnings it has grown into an integral part of the project and so have the tools needed to run it. Recently Hoodro has created Discord ‘Billitary’ commands to use during the auctions. These log lot numbers, top 10 bids (and the bidders names) and the winner. Everything is verifiable and open. Everything is logged. Everything is tracked. Giving a proven record and history of the activity of the Auction House, what was sold and who it was sold to.

It gathers Mfers weekly or monthly into a fun and interactive auction event that’s envied by outside members of the NFT community. It is in my opinion incapable of being replicated. It is an honour system and a truly unique experience to any other ‘auction’ process in the NFT ecosystem.

An Old Money Auction in action

3C: Welcome to Yew Nork!

The Old Money world of Yew Nork

Behind the scenes the team had been working on the most immersive, detailed, and interactive platform for Mfers to engage with the Old Money community. Yew Nork was unveiled for Mfers to enjoy such attractions as the House of Mfers, Xesserson House, Jealous Island, MOOMA, YNSE, Fuckerland and many more! Underneath the hood (no pun intended) was a carefully connected web of data points that gave Mfers an experience like no other in the NFT space.

3D: First up, Xesserson House

Xesserson House is Old Money’s own in-house ranking system for all 7,500 bills. It includes comprehensive breakdowns of all 22 traits the bills contain. It has Rarity and Statistical ranks for bills as well as the Mfer rank. This is arguably the most important rank for a bill. This ranking is fluid and changes depending on events and fuckery that occurs in relation to a certain bill. From being featured on Twitter, being sold and bought, being auctioned off at Dilly’s or general fuckery, a bills Mfer ranking could change, giving Mfers more incentive to immerse themselves within the OM world. In Xesserson House you can watch a bill being printed, download the PFP version, track the history of the bill from when it was minted to how many times it changed hands and for what price each time, overlaying HPK’s on your own bills, to locating the owner or sharing the bill on Twitter. All in one spot.

Trait breakdowns and rarities

There are 22 traits that are layered to create the bills: Stamp Colour, Base, Contour, Suit, Eyes, Head, Nose, Mouth, Mask, Hair, Glasses, Spear, Horns, Forehead, Eyepop, Stamp, Drawing, Degradation, Burns & Tape, Phrase, Blood and Laser Eyes. Each of these has north of 10–20 traits each. The variety and combinations of the bills gives an array of beautiful and unique pieces for everyone to enjoy.

3E: Let’s take a trip to Jealous Island

Jealous Island is what you would call the nerve centre of Old Money. Here, everything from ownership, community interaction, wallet integration, Discord roles and rankings all come together. Using your Discord to verify, Mfers can link up their wallets and see where they stack up against their fellow Mfers. As seen below, you get a comprehensive breakdown of how many Old Money NFTs you own, the breakdown of what you own, where you’re ranked and much more.

Individual profile (that’s me!)
Mfer Leaderboard

The number of Bills, CM, FUCKs and TiTs you own, as well as community participation and fuckery, all contribute to your MFER ranking. As the community grows, more and more data points can be fed into it, altering these rankings and rewarding participation in the project.

3F. In the shadows…

In a deep corner of the Discord, another Old Money spectacle was occurring. Teased since the first Inflation Times, rumours of a Vault containing treasures of grand proportions were being discussed. Hidden in the bills were a secret that only the most dedicated, thorough and keen-eyed Mfers would be able to solve. A good old fashioned Vault Hunt had begun. Long story short: after many hours, days and weeks, only 3 Mfers would solve the puzzle, leading them to Old Money glory and entry into the Vault and its other-worldly possessions. For the Vault crackers were 3 ‘Back of Bills’ NFTs. 1 of 1 handmade pieces by Trixson himself. Highly sought after within the community, these pieces are at the top of the Old Money collection.

‘BoB’ commemorating the raiding of the Discord by 2500 Club members

4A: January 24th 2022 — The Inflation Times LXV

Edition #5, ‘The Inflation Times LXV’

The new year started with the launch of the 5th edition of The Inflation Times. 1400 copies at 50₳ each were sold with an increased supply so that no one would miss out on the news. Inside contained some new characters introduced into the lore of OM and with that, more fuckery unfolded. Dilly’s Auction was hijacked by Hoodro’s wife’s cousin, Jack the Methhead. After stealing some printing plates from the Federal Reserve printers, he raided the auction house causing an outage in proceedings (this somehow perfectly coincided with the huge Discord outage occurring worldwide at the exact same time) leaving all Mfers in hysterics. As always, Dilly was a master and concluded the auction despite the chaos.

4B: Community driven storytelling

This set the stage for some new self-led initiatives from within the community, themselves adding to the lore and fuckery of the project. A sleeper organisation was created called the Conservatives for Anarchy Party, popping up on Twitter with a slanderous image aimed at Hoodro Wilson. Election campaigning began with Mfers starting to choose sides already, causing division in the streets of Yew Nork.

Fuckery flowing into the streets of Yew Nork

Within weeks more grassroots profiles began cropping up with Cucker Tarlson (Tucker Carlson) and Bong Lemon (Don Lemon) hitting the spotlight, reporting the news of Yew Nork in a fresh, bombastic and most importantly, biased, way. Each supporters of either Hoodro or Trixson reporting from Cox News Network and DNN, these were entertaining times full of fuckery, with community engagement spreading across Twitter and Discord. All of this was Mfer created and anonymous.

4C: March 15th 2022 — The Inflation Times LXVI

Edition #6, ‘The Inflation Times LXVI’ with 3 editions

The 6th edition of TiTs dropped and this formally introduced the third candidate running for Presidency, Horny Sandurz. 1400 copies at 50₳ each, all with different rarities (1000 Trix, 300 Hoodro, 100 Horny). With this official announcement of the third candidate, another anonymous community member took on the Horny Sandurz pseudonym, engaging with the community and causing all sorts of fuckery. He or she became an integral part of the lore of the project, contributing in many creative ways to make their own push for the Presidency. Many flipped allegiances to Horny in the name of fuckery and the promise of his “New Meth Deal”. Ambitious.

4D: May 26th 2022 – The Inflation Times LXVII

Edition #7, ‘The Inflation Times LXVII’ with 3 editions

The 7th edition of TiTs dropped in May with 1400 NFTs with 3 variations selling at 50₳ each, all the while, the general crypto space suffered a huge blow with the collapse of Luna and the de-pegging of its stable coin, sending markets into free fall. With that news it wasn’t a better time to officially announce the artwork for the highly anticipated Old Money $MFER token! (sarcasm). With the OM elections fast approaching, Hoodro was rolling out his signature promise to the constituency, a token to rival all; with purpose, vigor and most importantly, careful consideration. It was his crowning jewel of his campaign, hoping to entice wary voters to his cause. Will it pay off?

4E: It’s campaigning season, Mfers!

You remember those Campaign Materials that Hoodro dropped during the LXIII mint? Well the Old Money Election season is where they came into play.

In between the LXIII and the LXVII mint were various more CM releases. Hoodros Sound Money First Poster were the first with a release of x items. Shortly after was his Campaign Pin and Hoodro Mug NFT, totalling X NFTs.

Next was Trixson’s Headshot Headbands, a 21 variation collection of 3D spinning headbands with original and custom music created by the Head Mfer himself.

Horny Sandurz was the third candidate to release his CMs with his aptly named ‘Horny Pimp Kits’ (HPKs), a overlaying transparent asset to “modify” any one of your $0.20 bills with a variety of traits.

Acting as voting rights, the CM’s would give Mfers the ability to vote in the highly anticipated election. Since President Xesserson had fled office, all three candidates declared their intention to run for Presidency with the release of their final “Promises” Campaign Materials, outlining their intentions on why Mfers should vote them into the Ellipsoid Office . Hoodro presented his Technocracy with the help of his Billitary, Trixson was vying for a classy coup d’etat to take power supported by his die-hard followers from the Conservatives for Anarchy Party while Horny Sandurz also created quite the following on a platform of ‘Free Methcare for All’. Community participation would be key and a plethora of grassroots organisations within the community started corralling votes, trying to decide the future of the Old Money Election.1

4F: The Election; will you give a FUCK?

With battle lines drawn, allegiances pledged and Mfers own bonds feeling the stress, the battle for the Presidency and the fate of Yew Nork began. In an entirely on-chain voting system, Mfers cast their irrefutable vote for their choice of candidate using their CM’s as multipliers. Depending on your holdings and the candidate you were voting for, your vote would be weighted, causing Mfers to strategically corral votes in order to give their candidate more votes. All votes using a CM were verified on-chain and could only be used once.

The system created by Hoodro rewarded strategy and whipping of votes behind closed doors, just like the state of modern politics today. However in classic Old Money fashion fuckery, there was always a twist. Voting for the candidate of your choice using their matching CM’s would give you an ever greater multiplier. Suddenly, in a completely trusting manner, opposing Mfers began lending/trading their own NFTs P2P in order to use matching CM/Candidate NFTs for the vote. In that whole time, zero scams and zero thefts occurred. Mfers lent and borrowed each others NFTs in complete trust of the community the project had built, an amazing reflection of the characters of the individuals within the community.

Voting for your candidate with their own materials gave your FUCK an extra boost and more votes for your Mfer of choice.

Mfers were rewarded for their voting with a bond-style certificate, showing that they ‘Gave a FUCK’. The FUCKs are their own collection with Trixson’s classic artistic charm, varying rarities, traits, details and references to the community. These had corresponding metadata attached that included who you voted for and what your weighting was.

FUCKs of varying rarities

So who won the election? 2,453 FUCKs were given with 29,658 votes cast, and in a blow to Hoodros capability to rig the system in his own favour, Trixson created an insurmountable lead and ultimately (and somehow legitimately) won the Presidential Election and ultimate bragging rights in the streets of Yew Nork. Although, this would be short lived…

Art v Tech: The Old Money Elections 2022

4G: The Fake Rug of August ‘22

In the wake of a hard fought election and closing in on a year since the inception of the project, Hoodro and Trixson felt the need to take a holiday and recharge the batteries leading into the final part of the year. Not ones to do things in an ordinary way, a delightfully devilish plan was devised, and thus, the Fake Rug was born.

A redacted copy of the Fake Rug plan from the Administration

In a carefully orchestrated series of changes to the Discord, Twitter profiles and with the help of the Cabinet, the Head Mfers decided to disappear. In a lengthy letter by Hoodro, he declared his ultimate disappointment in the decision of the Nation. Testing the support of the community, he declared he was departing the project, leaving the state of the Nation in the hands of Trixson and the Cabinet.

In any other circumstance and community this would create ultimate panic and selling, but OM Mfers barely flinched as fuckery was always to be expected. But little did they know how far the Head Mfers would push the Fake Rug (FR).

All pages of the website were closed and plastered with banners “Seized by the FUI” and all pages were also changed to “seized”. Every channel of the discord disappeared except #gen-pop and Hoodro and Trixson went radio silent. The Cabinet also partook in the plan, saying they had zero knowledge and have been left in the dark, doing their best to dish out fear and uncertainty. Discussions around a DAO being created to continue the project, hiring a new artist and developer were also flouted. All over Twitter “outsiders” legitimately thought (and some still think) that the creators rug-pulled the project and the community. CNFT Youtubers were also filled in on aspects of the FR prior and had video content ready to be deployed.

The landing page for

Once the groundwork had been laid, the creativity and genius of OM’s storytelling came to bear. In an audio clip uploaded in #news-for-the-nation, Trixson gives his first address to the constituency before being interrupted mid-broadcast. The FUI came barging in and had their eyes set on arresting Trixson for executing his coup d’état. In a surprise turn of events, Patricia Trixson shoots the officer to protect her husband, forcing him into a crate to be shipped to an unknown location. Now on the run and wanted by Cheddah Gangslur and the FUI, Trixson and Hoodro have no choice but to put aside their rivalries and team up for their survival, fleeing the great city of Yew Nork.

Slowly and gradually their twitter profile pics and banners changed imagery. Trixson would upload infrequent and almost maniacal audio clips inside his crate. Where were they going?

Over two weeks passed as the Head Mfers (attempted) to have an in-real-life break. Their names changed to Capucho Colita and Ricardo Truco, both donning moustaches in their PFPs. The Cabinet became the Gabinet Illegal and a flurry of Mexican-inspired content starting flowing into #gen-pop. Mfers as usual were clued onto everything and very quickly picked up a change of theme. It was then time to return to work.

Hoodro made a large announcement detailing the future of himself and Trixson. Now on the run from Cheddah Gangslur for their inflationary antics, the Head Mfers have become printers-for-hire, ready to inflate poor fiat once again, this time in Methico.

4H: The Final Inflation Times LXVIII

Edition #8, ‘The Inflation Times LXVIII’, the final release

Now safe in hiding in Methico, Trixson and Hoodro found themselves an old, dusty printing press, ready to release one last run of their beloved Inflation Times. The Inflation Times LXVIII was dropped with 2100 copies at 100₳ each. This edition was entirely in Spanish with eagle-eyed Mfers discovering a few peculiarities. Hidden across multiple papers were gold looking “strips”. Mfers being the hunting fiends they are soon realised these 100 or so strips were a shredded version of a sneak peak of the next signature bill series, the $0.0001 MX bills. Also revealed in the paper was a double utility, holding the papers will give old and new Mfers a Visa/WL mechanism into the next collection. Highly sought after, these papers are hot.

A sneak peak of the next signature ‘Methico $0.0001 bills’ hidden within the last Tit

5A: Holders and demographics

There are differing views on what constitutes a healthy holder ratio for a NFT project and OM bucks that curve in my opinion. Do you prioritise a spread of holders across x number of assets or have a smaller concentration of holders with a collector mentality? You will find that the OM community has found itself to be the later. There is no right or wrong answer to this, just whatever suits a project, its goals and its philosophy.

Generally speaking the mentality of many holders is that of a collector first and foremost. With holders also incentivised/gamified to increase their Mfer ranking, there are hard-core collectors of all the collections, searching to create different sets of traits, complete a rainbow (that’s one of every stamp coloured bill) or collect TiTs for the coin airdrop. Holders are in-love with the art, they’re in-love with the utility it provides and the community it fosters.

The $0.2 Bill series was minting for around a month before it finally sold out giving plenty of time for anyone to jump into the project. Many at the time felt an 80₳ mint price was too high and many dismissed it entirely. From this core community of minters and believers in the uniqueness and quality of the artwork, the community has diamond-handed their pieces, creating a solid floor. Latecomers have had to buy into the project at this premium.

More broadly the demographics of the top holders come from a philosophy of sound money, sovereignty of wealth and the right to make their own choices about their money and privacy. The projects speaks directly to this. This type of holder understands this ideology of the project and its commentary on the current system and hence why, in my opinion, the collectors of the project believe so strongly in it.

The people in the community are also very diverse. These are men and women from all around the globe, from being 14 years old (yes, 14) or into their 50’s and 60's, all viewing the inevitable death of paper currency and the importance of decentralised blockchain technology in giving freedom and rights back to the individual. They’re chefs, firefighters, art collectors, weed growers, art creators, aerospace inspectors, retail workers, DeFi nomads, mechanics, geeks and nerds, part of family run businesses or retired, and they’re all Mfers.

5B: CNFTcon and Mfer Afterparty

CNFTcon was an event and opportunity for creators, teams and community members to proudly share and display their projects to all. Some stalls were big, some stalls were small, however in typical Old Money fashion, nothing was done ordinarily. Set up as an art installation was the Old Money ‘booth’, an area cordoned off with red ropes and strewn with empty water jugs labelled with Mfers names. In the centre were rugs rolled out, with a column in the centre proudly spinning a physical Hoodro Mug atop its pedestal, along with some old TV sets playing only white noise. A custom ceramic “lamp” and Dilly’s own auction gavel were on display too.

It was a great set-up to differentiate it from the crowd, putting focus on the artistic and cultural commentary the project speaks to. It allowed for conversations and intrigue and even some members of the public throwing their own fiat notes on the floor of the installation. Powerful in my opinion.

A shot of the installation

After the convention wrapped up there was a private party for Mfers only meant for a more intimate environment for the community members and team to meet, interact and finally connect face to face. It was huge success with an entire rooftop and cocktail bar reserved for the evening. Entry was for Mfers only with a password at the door to the bouncers (Kiss-My-Piss).

Private Mfer-Only event

5C: What now with all the TiTs?

You might be wondering why there were so many The Inflation Times releases and what’s the point of them. The papers were fantastic and creative artworks, full of satirical takes on current events in the community and in the broader space, all told through the lens of the Old Money Nation. It’s the best way to keep informed on the current state of the constituency or read back through the previous editions to catch up on the history of OM’s community.

Besides this, the TiT NFT collection had another long-awaited utility. Holding different combinations and amounts of the various releases of the newspapers gave holders unique “collectors” coins to compliment their Old Money Bills. These had been teased from the very first release and are a reward for long-term holders of the series.

Starting with the LXI edition (that’s number 61 FYI), there were a total of 8 newspapers, ending in edition LXVIII (that’s number 68), all with varying rarities and amounts as stated earlier.

In order to qualify for the different coins, certain criteria had to be met:

  • Holding any 2 different editions (LXI and LXII, or LXIV and LXIII for example), gave you “The Billion Coin”.
The Billion Coin
  • Holding any 4 different editions (LXI, LXII, LXIII and LXVI or LXII, LXVI, LXVII and LXVIII for example), gave you “The Quadrillion Coin”.
The Quadrillion Coin
  • Holding all 8 editions (LXI through to LXVIII, of any variation), gave you “The Octillion Coin”.
The Octillion Coin
  • Lastly, holding all 8 editions (LXI through to LXVIII, and having all the different variants of each!), gave you a coveted and very rare “The Decillion Coin”.
The Decillion Coin

These coins were claimed with unknown benefits and boosts to Mfers rankings and privileges. The claim is still ongoing until all un-used TiTs are used and remember to check for used newspapers here. It pays to be a Mfer and many are eager to see what the coins will do to flex their OM bags.

5C: Upcoming releases, tech built and utility

Old Money has already started shifting gears in ‘Season 2' (unofficial title) with the release of WENBOY which is seen to be the next iteration of TiTs providing yet to be seen utility in the future. Major landmarks in Yew Nork are being unveiled too with the House of Mfers, YN Gift Shop and Bongress recently opening.

Upcoming major events include the release of the second signature bill collection, the $0.0001 pesos MX bills, the slicing/shredding machines, the mysterious twin bill airdrop and the OMSP (Old Money Stake Pool) mechanism for OM holders.

$0.0001 Bills

Preview of the new Methican Bills in Trixsons signature Jankyvision style

The second signature bill series from the project for phase II is the $0.0001 Bill series, based on the Mexican Peso where Hoodro and Trixson have had to flee from Gary Gangslur as printers-for-hire. This collection aims to build on the storyline of their inflationary antics as well as welcome in a new group of Mfers into the project and community. The Inflation Times LXVIII will act as some sort of WL/Visa to the mint so be sure to grab one to secure your chance at becoming a Mfer in the future with this mint coming in early 2023.

So you still want to be a Mfer?

You’re probably thinking “Holy shit, this is a lot to take in” and that is true, the lore and history of Old Money already runs deep.

What can you do then to become a Mfer?

It’s very simple. Join the Discord and make yourself known in #gen-pop. We’re quite the raucous bunch so be prepared (don’t say I didn’t warn you). You will get quite the reception but do not be deterred; persevere and take the welcoming in jest.

Pop into the #designated-news section for a proper orientation and welcoming (this is a necessary step and initiates you in the Discord).

From there enjoy the fuckery of the chat, have fun and buy yourself any Old Money NFT. Owning any piece, from a TiT to a Bill, will give you Mfer status and you’ll officially be part of the Old Money family. Most importantly connect your Discord to Jealous Island to verify your holdings and rid yourself of that whitename, you’ll thank me later.

Remember to have fun chatting with our community members. They’re a witty, funny, smart, self-deprecating, loyal, kind, mischievous bunch but you will see that above all, there’s a strong bond between us all. We love our community, our art, our developers and our project. Mfers through and through and we would love for you to be part.

Welcome to Old Money, a premature death to paper currency.


Mfer = Title or a term of endearment and affection, reserved for only ones we respect
Whitename = A newcomer to the Discord that doesn’t have a role (hence the default Discord white on the profile)
TiT = The Inflation Times
CM = Campaign Materials
Bill = $0.2 Bill (Signature collection)
Stamp = Refers to the colour stamp on the Bill (green, blue, navy, red, purple and yellow)

Key resources:

In-house ranking for $0.2 Bills:
Jealous Island for Discord Verification: