I was married to a Donald Trump.

He said what he needed to say to gain position in my life, and the lives of my children, and it only took three days after the “I Dos” for him to assault one of my children. He often took liberties (sexual, financial, territorial) that were not his to take, and he never apologized after. He refused to see his responsibility for the brokeness in our home. He would offer small peace offerings afterward, but never an apology.

Our Donald would grab me inappropriately in front of our extended family, embarrassing the Hell out of me, and then later allow my children and I to join him in the family room (yes, I realize how ridiculous this sounds) for the evening to play a game or watch TV as a balancing act. “I’m not a horrible monster, look at the great family man I can be”. When he did those things, he didn’t silently try to allow his actions speak alone, he’d try to force us to tell him how awesome he was. “why don’t you tell your Mama about THIS?”. This is why Donald’s delivery of water & supplies, accompanied by his massive billboard tour bus, to disaster stricken areas will never win my heart.

It took four years, ironically, for me to get our Donald Trump out of my home. By the time he left I had children who weren’t open to being touched in any way. He rode in with significant debt and no savings due to bad financial planning, he rode out on a brand new Harley and toys funded by my now defunct retirement account. The parallels go on and on.

I could make an exhaustive list of what we lived with, but I won’t. This isn’t about my ex-husband, it’s about character. Abusive partners have character issues that don’t stay inside the walls of their homes. I’m not a psychiatrist, so I’m not about to start throwing around personality disorder labels or try to diagnose what’s going on with Donald Trump.

What I am telling you is, the character flaws that prompt him to sexually assault women do not stop in the sexual realm. You are not safe simply because your wife, your mother, or your daughter will never be in the same room with him. His problem is not sexual.

Donald Trump takes what he wants, without apology, and is oblivious to the consequences he leaves behind for others to deal with. His view on life is that he is entitled to whatever he can grab, be it money, material possessions, fame, or p***y, and move on with his day as if absolutely nothing happened. He has lawyers who have successfully been able to redirect most of the consequences that come along with his particular brand of misanthropy. There are scores of women walking around dealing with the fact that they’ve been assaulted. There are thousands of people who have lost their jobs, their businesses, and their dignity because of contracts that Donald Trump defaulted on. He has an unprecedented record for a candidate for POTUS, 3500+ lawsuits on the books and climbing.

Three. Five. Zero. Zero.

Many of those were settled because the small businesses and individuals who were trying to fight for the wages that they worked for simply couldn’t afford the lawyers to fight anymore. Is that okay? One of those is a criminal suit from a rape case brought against Donald of a 13 year old. 13 years old. A preliminary hearing to get that to trial is scheduled just a few weeks after the election. Is that okay?

I know, Hillary put some information on a server in her basement, and you’re mad about it. I get it. That’s not ok. We have bigger issues here, tho. I’m not campaigning for Hillary, but I’m not about to let Donald Trump back in my house without a fight.

Donald Trump has absolutely no successful long term relationships. None. Why is that?

Donald Trump has no understanding of our Constitution. He sicced his lawyers on the NYC Times this week for reporting the news. FREEDOM OF THE PRESS means nothing to him. You are probably OK with that now, but what happens when he objects to what you have to say?

Donald Trump’s primary defense against terrorism is to profile and discriminate against a certain religion at the border. If you’re voting for Donald Trump, odds are you are not a part of that religion. Do you seriously think that he’s not going to discriminate against you if it suits his agenda tomorrow?

I keep hearing from people who are going to vote for him because he’s a businessman. He is not a successful businessman. He is a loudmouth bully. That’s how he’s gotten as far as he has. He is constantly losing money on failed endeavors, unethical practices, and nobody seems to notice. Look at what he’s done to get where he is. That shiny red Harley is not indicative of his ethical business expertise. It’s shiny. It’s pretty. He has his new girlfriend on it, but who paid the price for it?

Y’all, we can’t afford to say “I Do”. We need to be more protective of our house. Yes, Jay-Z has a lot of naughty things to say about sexual situations. The Ying-Yang Twins talk about nasty stuff in their songs. I’m not inviting them into my house, either. America should be better than this.

How long do you think it’s going to take before that ring on your finger starts eating away at your flesh? I’m betting “not long”. Please, don’t do this. Four years is a freakin’ long time, and you’ll never get it back. Therapy will never get you back to normal. Every subsequent relationship will be tarnished by this baggage.

Being a Runaway Bride is ok.