I’ve got lucky last week

During my regular work day browsing trough hardwarebg forum losing my time, forum member posts that there is good offer for Logitech G930 at amazon for only 45 euros.

Half an hour later after i’ve saw 3 youtube reviews and read 5 articles about this headset i decided to buy them.

Only 4 days later i received a call from DHL guy that suprise me with them.

At first look they look gourgeous! Build quality is really good. I have never seen headphones build with such quality material.

I used them one week without the Logitech Gaming Software and i thought they sound was good.

Today i’ve decided to install the software and see how the surround feature works.

I’m amazed. They sound perfect even that they are wireless! There is no lag..

I’m so thrilled right now that my first blog post ever is dedicated to them.

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