Can we talk about the Rams coming back to LA?

As a SoCal native, I’m a Laker girl, a Dodger fan, but until recently I didn’t have a football team. I was once contractually obligated to support the Redskins, but those days are over. I’m not very excited about being a Rams fan. I want the Raiders to come home. (Yes, I know they’re originally from Oakland. Meh.) They’re the only team I’ve ever had an affinity for cuz I’m a south central gangbanger (obviously), but that whole situation kinda scares me because…gangbangers. I dunno.

Dad’s from West Virginia which supports my moonshine predilections, but not my pro team choices. And he hates pro anything anyway. I never cared about the Chargers or the Niners, I had a twinge of interest in the Cardinals from my time living in Tempe, but otherwise nobody ever did anything for me. LA has a team again and, like a true cheerleader, it’s time for me to ease myself onto this bandwagon.

Dad’s been wearing this Rams jacket to our high school football games for 25 years because it’s blue and gold, which are the best colors ever. If he didn’t hate pro sports I’d say he’s ready for the Rams return to LA.

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