Money Is Very Important, But It’s Not The Most Important Thing

It’s important to be fed, clothed, and have a strong roof above your head. It’s important to have a back-up plan in case you get sick or fail or lose your job. It’s important to have safety and security so that you can be there for yourself, friends and family in times of need. It’s important to feel comfortable, and treat yourself occasionally to good food, nice clothes, and feel-good entertainment. It’s important to be respected, admired and liked by society.

Money is important, but it’s not the most important thing. It’s not as important as staying in a soul-sucking job that compromises your values and ethics. It’s not as important as spending your entire life in your comfort zone where dreams go to die. It’s not as important as forgetting your own passion to slave away on someone else’s. It’s not as important as losing your sense of self, and basing your happiness on external approval. It’s not as important that you forget the things of real value, the things that will make you really happy.

If you chase only money and nothing else, you will chase all the things your ego craves, and you will always feel empty and wonder why. If you chase winning at any cost, you will chase domination, control, and manipulation. If you chase ruthless ambition and success, you will compromise on your humanity. If you chase materialism, you will encourage superficiality and perfection. If you chase an illusion of happiness peddled to you by corporate interests, you will fall deep into the consumerist trap. If you chase all the wrong things in life, you will slowly start to change, until you wake up one day hating yourself.

If you get blinded in greed by money, you will lose sight of the most fulfilling things in life. Your mental health and physical well-being. Your childhood dreams and idealism. Your creative potential and purpose. Your family who loves you unconditionally. Your real friends who have your best interests at heart. Your compassion, courage and empathy. Your integrity and value system. Your chance to do something good and contribute to this world.

You are an original person with a unique thumb print meant to make a meaningful impact. There is no one that can use your particular skills and life experiences to do what you do. There is no one who can be your kind of businessman, philanthropist, parent, partner, humanitarian, writer, landscaper, healer, anything at all.

There is no one like you.

Don’t let your greed and lust for more money rob you of your potential. Don’t let it consume you into becoming shallow, selfish, egotistic, superficial, and lazy. You are an emotionally intelligent, creative, fully capable human-being with a strong brain, and soft heart.

Be smart about money, make it and save it, but don’t settle for it. Follow your inspiration, explore your talents, connect with others, use your resources efficiently, and figure out how you can become your best possible version. Your potential wants more for and from you, it wants more than just money.