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In the last bit, I’ve seen companies scramble to launch COVID-19 marketing strategies. The content I’ve seen generally feels like businesses are in panic mode to keep up with their competitors’ messaging strategies, without really considering what their customers really need in times of crisis.

By now, as a marketer you have accepted that the market has been at its all time low and most likely your sales numbers have dramatically decreased. What to do?

Here are 3 things you should consider NOT doing:

1. Continue to spam the heck out of people about the pandemic.

Yes, we get it. Your business is here to support its customers during this tough time.

One content piece to update the world is enough, giving continuous updates on the pandemic without a targeted goal to genuinely support your customers in need, is not going to increase your sales.

Ok, so you’ve decided to pivot and focus more on brand sentiment given the decrease in sales? Constantly pushing the same messaging will not help you either. How long does it take for someone to stop looking at your emails when your Subject Line or Pre-header has “COVID 19” written all over it? …

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve published a post on my blog, but with recent views on my previous article rising and being linked back, I found it necessary to update the numbers on my last post.

The digital sphere in Iran has drastically changed within the last 3 years and the numbers prove that.

With numerous failed attempts to contact instagram for official numbers we will have continue with our estimates.

CafeBazaar, one of the leading GooglePlay look-alikes in Iran states that there are currently over 16 million active downloads of the app for android users in Iran.

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Considering that the Iranian market is dominated by android users (over 85% market share) this number is just a portion of Instagram users. …

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Recently, I was introduced to the world of Dubsmash.

A quick search on Instagram gave me over 20 user choices that were sporting the official dubsmash logo most being sister pages that concentrated on Iranian users.

With a keen interest on the social behavior of online users in Iran, I started digging out some numbers.

A bit of background:

70% of Iran’s population is under the age of 35. That being said, Iran is also considered to have a higly educated population of youth within the country.

In a matter of 4 years Iran transitioned from no mobile internet providers to 4G. This change allowed the rise in mobile internet penetration to 38.67% meaning over 29 million Iranians currently have access to internet via their mobile phones. …

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Phillip Geist’s exhibition in Tehran, accidentally created an online social movement.

Gate of words, an exhibition produced by German artist Phillip Geist, was held in Tehran from October 3–5, representing the 25th anniversary of Germany’s reunification in 1990.

How did I hear about the exhibition? No, it wasn’t the slightly bland press release that TehranTimes and Payvand posted (Let’s start being a bit more creative shall we?).

It was me casually going through my Instagram feed when Ehsan’s photo came up:

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Azadi Tower by Ehsan Ravesh

The light installations were mesmerizing and quickly caught my attention. The usage of “Freedom” also created a rather unique connection towards the structure

A bit of background on the Azadi Tower:

A direct translation “Freedom Tower” completed in 1971, was designed in commemoration of the 2,500 anniversary of the Persian Empire. It is still considered an architectural feat, with each white marble stone cut with precision to produce a solid structure that became a monumental piece of pride for all Iranians. …

It’s something that every marketing manager faces: the hassle of finding the perfect local Digital Media Agency.

With the stacks of work piling up on your desk — or the number of impending emails — managing your digital media/marketing needs becomes an urgeny and a great opportunity to outsource.

In Iran, there is a desperate need for qualified digital marketing professionals, with most local agencies focused on offline advertising, they fail to properly evaluate market power and produce promising results in conversion rates.

With the growing number of companies lazer focused on Iran’s market, there will be a large need for localized digital marketing agencies and yet when you google “Digital Marketing Agency in Iran” the results are worrisome. …

An official statement was released by Ali Jannati — Minister of culture and Islamic guidance of Iran — that over 9.5 million people are using Viber in Iran.

He continued to state that “over 4 million people are registered users of Facebook” — one of many social platforms that has been blocked through national security channels an can only be accessed using a VPN.

Viber has become the go-to mobile communication platform for Iranians cutting costs on local and international calls. In comparison to other apps in the market, the connection speeds are higher and rate of dropped calls lower providing an effortless experience for the user. …

An inspiration for anyone within the startup world

Imagine being born and raised in a “third world” country, filled with thousands of years of history and culture, but has been put on hold due to sanctions. With the majority of the population under the age of 35 and the imminent increase in unemployment and inflation rate, building a startup ecosystem shouldn’t be a priority; not for these go-getters!

Can’t use Visa/MasterCard for payment? Easy, build a national e-commerce system where individuals can make purchases through their local bank debit card system.

Can’t use Google Ads to increase conversion rates due to sanctions? Easy, one start-up is helping local companies use a Google Ads alternative to build leads! …

An estimated 7.5 million people aged 16–35 use Instagram within Iran.

I recently was invited to be part of a panel discussion at the Iranian web and mobile festival with over 700 people coming together from various tech and advertising fields.

The panel discussion curated by Hadi Farnoud (Recommended to check out his channel ☺) began with the simple question: “What is Digital Marketing?” as the Panel began giving their view on the definition, I turned my focus to the audience and asked “How many of you are using Instagram right now?” Practically everyone put their hands up!

With over Over 40% of Iran’s population between the age of 16–35, and an increasing mobile broadband penetration, Iran fits perfectly in Instagram’s highest traffic age group. This led me to become curious on just how many registered Instagram users were within that age range. …


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