Gudetama the little egg that ‘works’

Why Gudetama is a good example of updating your personas regularly.

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Gudetama 101

First watch this video, this gives you a bit of background on the character and the company.

Gudetama a little intro video © VOX

You might be thinking, why am i watching this in context of a persona. Well here is the answer, the 2 thing that explain it all.

First there was this guy

First, the salmon was first.

They released a salmon character based on user testing, what they don’t say in this movie is that this was done more than 6months appart from the actual release of the character. Luckaly they also released sone of the Gudetama merchandising. And as we now know it took off like a rocket.

Knowing your target audience is key to selling. A more closer look into your target audience can give you several personas. They have more emotion, can create substance and make your Target audience more real and substantial.

But you don’t just create a persona and then its done, you create, test and update on a regular basis. The more you know of your customer the better you can anticipate there needs.

Sanrio timeline

Second, the evolution of the sanrio character timeline.

Going from the hello kitty, non emotionless blank canvas to Gudetama the little egg that has given up on life. Possibly the most applicable character to our time-set right now.

The simple truth is your timeline evolves, but so does your customer. Keep on top of that evolution. And of course don’t be afraid to try, if you don’t try you don’t know.