Why am I writing things here…

Doing more…

Me waiting at a station in japan (2017)

Why do i write things down here.

Am i a writer.
Absolutely not.

For me it’s a strange choice to write my ideas, thoughts and creative outlets down here, but I’m trying to keep one central location to collect everything I’m working on. And hopefully to be able to inspire someone or to spark an idea or maybe even to let someone think differently about the world and their place in it.

So what do i do…
My day to day job and my mission in life is to work with visual imagery in the most broadest way possible.

Im a user experience consultant, ui & visual designer, a brand and web consultant, imagemaker, videomaker, … or just anything thats visual that you can see i try and make it beautiful, creative, appealing, interactive, fun, watchable, enjoyable or just “plain” interesting.

Also I love to travel and explore and want to share everything I learn along the way and inspire you as well, even if its just a small spark of an idea I feel I did something great.

Hopefully you will share in the journey I’m trying to take you on here, and most of all enjoy it.