How to start and maintain a Writers Blog.

Before I start with anything, the views in this article are purely my own. Another thing is that if you’re looking to create a blog just for the sake of getting viral or earning money, you’ve arrived at the wrong destination.

So lets talk about blogging. I have been an avid blogger for two years now and I’d like to think that there are few things I know about it. Lots of people ask me questions regarding it so I have decided to clear a few doubts.

Why should one blog?

We live in an age where social media presence, is everything. If you want your stories or views to be heard or seen, you need a blog. I started my blog on January 12th, 2015 on Wordpress. Now, if you’re starting out you dont really need a dedicated website(for which you need to shell out money). There are many other free-of-cost platforms offering you a domain, but I chose Wordpress because I found the templates to be more sophisticated. Now that may not be a great reason but what I’m trying to tell you is go with your gut regarding where you want to start out.

I have two blogs. One on Wordpress and another right here on Medium. I have a stronger affinity towards Medium than Wordpress because I feel Medium is a more tightly knit online community of writers. Another great aspect of Medium is that you can choose what kind of articles you wish to see on a day-to-day basis based on your interests and there is more transparency and clarity as far as reaching out to other blogs is concerned.

So take what you have to from that.

Am I good enough to start a blog?

I think confidence is a major obstructions when it comes to people wanting to present their views via a blog. I am aware that starting your own blog and putting your view out on the internet is a risk but its a risk worth taking. You never know whom you might give a voice to. You don’t have to be a great writer or an established editor to start a blog. You just need to begin! Thats the beauty of the blogging community.

So shed those inhibitions and start already!


Before you start a blog you need to have an idea about the type of content you want to post. The internet does give you freedom of speech but it also gives you an additional responsibility to not misuse it. As far as possible, refrain from certain subjects and try not to be subjective about topics which may be perceived wrongly.

Another thing is to be clear about the genre of your content. For example, on my Wordpress, I usually posts poems and stories. But on my Medium blog, I mostly post articles on day-to-day news. There were times when I would try and include myriad of content but I would fail miserably as it will only lead to confusion regarding the gist of your blog.

Read books, watch the news and try and find inspiration in the little things. Each time you get an idea, jot it down in paper. Not on your mobile but on good old paper. It helps, trust me!

Read other blogs!

I think learning is an eternal process and the best way to improve your blogging skills is by learning from other bloggers. There is no question of ego here. If someone is better than you, acknowledge it. Comment on their blogs. Read their articles. Become more aware of what goes and what doesn’t. Gain a wholesome perspective rather than just focussing on your own.

This is all that I could think of. Do message me or comment if this helped you, or not. I would love to answer anything else pertaining to the topic. Also if you know something that I don’t, please feel free to educate me.