The ‘Boring’ Girl.

Recently I was in a baffling conversation with a person which went something like this:

“So…you’re in college right?”


“You’re 20 now right?”


“You must have done it, right?”

“Please elucidate.”

“You’re not a virgin right? I mean, obviously.”

“Sorry to shatter your hopes but I am.”

“But why? I mean…”

“Because something called ‘personal choice’?”

I was taken aback. Did my growing up mean becoming less of myself and trying to catch up to a ‘bolder image’. I didn’t quite understand. Maybe I was the poster girl for the chaste, boring female in her 20’s. And this is not the first time it’s happened.

“How do you survive in a dry state man?”

“Err…I can survive without alcohol just fine.”

“You’re just saying that because you’re from Surat!”

“No I’m pretty sure if I was living in a notorious metro-city I would still be the same person I am today.”

I don’t get it.

The interesting girls are those who have ton of friends, party every day, drink to a sickening hangover state au contraire their boring counterparts who prefer the quiet and peaceful ambience and make lesser “bold” decisions. And maybe rally for feminism on the side.

Don’t get me wrong. I love partying and sharing beer with my friends when I feel like it. But most of the time, I’d like to snuck into bed with some food and coffee and read a good book. Or listen to serene music or just sleep. I love dressing up but most of the time pajamas are the companions my thighs prefer best.

Does that make me less interesting? So be it.

As we grow up we are always pressurized into making choices that are not completely true to our nature. Have you realized that the ‘YOLO’ theory only applies to stupid decisions? God help you if you’re a prude who makes sensible decisions! (Note the sarcasm)

I mean yes, it’s okay to be a little daredevil and have some fun but there is nothing wrong in being sensible as well.

Our life is determined by our choices. Sometimes we make the wrong ones only to impress people who don’t care about getting to know our inner true self. Why would you turn yourself into someone you’d hardly recognize? Has vanity become that important?

You’d prefer ordering in than dressing up for a dinner? Go ahead. You’d prefer listening to 90’s music than that EDM concert (why is that even called music)? Go ahead. Do what makes you happy. And if that makes you ‘boring’ in the eyes of others, so be it.

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