The Spoilt Rich NRI.

Yes. I am the spoilt NRI kid that you whisper about in hallways. I am the spoilt NRI kid who throws around her cash like there is no tomorrow. I am the spoilt NRI kid who will almost always show you attitude.

If you didn’t realize, I was being sarcastic.

All my life I believed I was a normal middle-class kid who went to school, did her work and came back home. But I was wrong. The second I entered college, I turned into this monstrous creature called “THE NRI”.

Getting chills, are you?

Apparently since my dad works outside India, I am pictured as this person who wears couture and has loads of cash stashed in her diamond-studded purse. So now, I am going to bust a few myths people have about the “THE NRI”:

  1. NRI’s always have loads of money to blow.

Yes, my dad and mom are pretty well-off. Why should I apologize for that? My parents came to a foreign land to make fortune and they worked their asses off and did so. So technically THEY have a lot of money NOT ME. I am just blessed and fortunate and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. If anything, I am happy for my parents.

And as far as blowing money goes, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. My parents keep a fixed monthly budget and if I don’t follow that they will whoop my ass. Since we tend to pay a larger amount of fees our parents are damn strict when it comes to giving money.

2. NRI’s have attitude.

Yeah I’ve seen people assume that a lot. That is just your egoistic, uptight ass trying to make baseless assumptions. Attitude depends on the person not the country or region they belong to. Also, just because I converse more in English doesn’t mean I have attitude. From where I come we were strictly asked to converse in English during school hours so it’s just an acquired trait.


Yes. You see, JUST LIKE YOU, we studied in a normal Indian school and we had Hindi as a normal subject. Our Hindi may not be the best but we do know how to speak. CHILL BRUH.

4. NRI’s have no sense of adjustment.

We have lived in places where the roads were clean, there was AC almost everywhere we went, where we rarely travelled by foot and where traffic was an illusion and so HOW do you not expect us to have difficulty adjusting? It will be a little hard. We are not being snobs. We are just being realistic.

5. NRI’s don’t consider India as their home.

We have lived almost all of our life away from India so obviously that particular place will have more of a bigger place in our heart. It doesn’t mean we don’t love our country. CHILL BRUH.

Basically when I entered college there was this confession page which shamed NRI’s and made us feel bad about our existence but I don’t really care anymore. This is just a fun post busting all the ridiculous myths.

We are just normal human beings trying to lead a normal life.

Not an outrage just showing you guys how funny these assumptions sound.

Peace out y’all.

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