Trysts with Womanhood!

The ever growing Bosom!

“Here, take this!” said my mother.

“What an unusual attire!” I exclaimed.

“Wear it underneath your clothes”,she said

“Wear it day and night,

Come rain or storm or ‘shine”

“But what about the usual slips?” I asked

“These seem unusually tight!”

I looked at my awkward projections

Soon, they’ll grow bigger!

“Help me lord! These bra’s are too tight!

A,B and C used to be letters,

Now they’ve become a cup size!!”

Let It Flow!

RED! RED! RED! : goes the underwear!

NO! NO! NO!: says the paranoiac scare!

HERE I AM!, says the good ol’ pad!

Girl get ready for a week so sad!

Cramps so bad, you wanna punch a wall.

“Yes, I’ll have two hot chocolates and please make those TALL”

Your mood swings faster than a casanova!

All this, for not having sex!

Girl! Stock up all your black jeans

And those ugly, tight granny panties.

Chocolates, sweets and jelly beans

Trust me on this-you might need plenty!

Bushy Wushy!

They propagate natural beauty

Till you turn of age.

Sorry to break it to you:

But we come from this gender lineage

That expects you to take off that forest

From legs,arms and under!

“So smooth, so soft” says my parlour lady

She smiles and proceeds to wax my life off!

Why can’t boys do this often, there’s plenty to take off!

As satanic threads pinch my brows

I ponder upon my evil deeds and,

I pray that this ordeal comes to a close!

Like a naked walrus, front of the mirror I sit.

Red blotches adorning my body,

To achieve ‘beauty’ was it all worth it?

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