Why are we romanticizing depression?

“Suicidal people are angels waiting to go back to heaven.”

No I’m not crazy. I didn’t just smoke up a good stash. Although, I must say that stoners have a better intellect than that one person who came up with the above quote.

I came across this quote and I started wondering, “When did depression become aesthetic?”

I open my Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp and see people expressing their lives in terms of quotes. Well and good, right? Everyone does that. But then I also come across some ridiculously depressing ones and I realize that we might be living in an era where people are romanticizing the idea of suicide, cuts, depression etc.

It’s not good.

Depression is a serious issue. You’re just sad not depressed. You had a minor case of bad luck but you’re not depressed. You had a bad day, month or year but my friend, you’re not depressed.

Depression isn’t crying on your bathroom floor at 4 am. Depression is being numb to the idea of feeling anything at all. Depression isn’t caused due to breakups or fights. It’s caused by anything and everything however minor it might be. Depression is calm and slow killing of the inner self. Scared now? I think I just cured you of your so-called ‘depression’.

I go to a bookstore and I see two types of crap mainly.

One is the pretentious romantic crap and the other is the crap that convinces everyone that there is beauty in being depressed. Next thing you know, girls and guys post pictures of them looking away from the camera with quotes that make you wonder “What the hell is wrong with you?”

I have literally seen posts where girls were like “Oh I wish I too was a cancer patient so I can find my Augustus. LOL.” (John Green book, in case you didn’t know).


I’m happy being healthy and I don’t need to be a sad, tortured soul to find the love of my life. I’m not saying that everything you associate yourself with should be cheerful and joyous. I’m just saying that when writers write about something sad, they are just trying to express a state of solemnity with extravagant words and phrases to bring out a certain depth to it. They are not asking you to romanticize it or convincing you that it’s okay to be depressed.

Depression is a serious illness and thousands of people every year suffer from it. It’s as serious as any physical illness and romanticizing it is a silent mockery of sorts.

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