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Rizwan Syed

Hey, not to argue with the whole post, just want to mention that, imo, Lebron plays without a soul, and that takes a toll on the result.
Think about this, his skills and physical endurance allows him to dominate every game he plays in, and that’s the result of hard work throughout his whole career, we can’t take that away from him. But is being effective enough to win in a close game? I think, he lacks what Kyrie has, or what Jordan had: complete focus on the game, willingness to make the right play at the right moment, because he knows that he is a beast on the court, and that makes him think he is already doing a ton of work, and that’s the reason he isn’t doing just a little bit more. 
For me, the definitive moment was when Curry missed the inbound pass and it bounced of the floor near Lebron and got to KD, who proceeded to hit a corner 3 after that. I mean, Jordan doesn’t miss that pass, ever, he makes that steal. I mean, it seemed like he wasn’t even thinking about the game at that moment.
And what about that KD shot? What was that defense? Another example of what I’m talking about.
But, I have to say, I understand that Lebron is doing what Jordan never did: he is making his fortune himself, he is building his team, leading his team, and coaching his team. And all along in his career he was surrounded by spineless players and staff (think his old Cleveland team and Love+Thompson this series), and that’s gotta take a toll on him. It’s gotta be frustrating to be willing to give everything you have, and not seeing the same determination from others. Jordan kinda got lucky, because Bulls built a great team, and got him a great coach who managed to put the team together, even though Jordan was a prick to everyone around him. So I see why Lebron would be tired of all of this. BUT, still, I think, if he had the strength to put his soul into the game once again, they might have taken away the championship, or at least won more games than they did.
Please reply, because I hardly ever write posts this long and I’m really interested in what you have to say about all of this.

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