Should there still be wars?

Why do we, as the smartest living creatures on this planet, insist on murdering each other for cruel and selfish reasons? In ancient Rome and Egypt people were killing each other under the might of emperors and pharaons. In medieval times crusaders were already burning villages and towns under the might of kings and queens. Nothing has changed: we are still killing millions of innocents for the benefit that is not ours. We are told that military conflicts are necessary and needed in order to keep the world in peace and harmony, however, wars are taking place due to government financial and political interests, not to protect human rights.

Wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other oil exporting have been suffering from “help” from their big brothers — developed countries, that participate in Middle Eastern countries hoping to promote their governments to benefit trade. Do children and women have to suffer from reluctant participation in political games. We are benefiting poor developing countries by our generous international aids, but let them suffer from constant wars that our countries endorse striving for financial benefits.

This has to be fixed.

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