Lost Wallet Protection

We all know the pains and panics one has to go through when they lose a wallet. It might have happened to you, or to a loved one or a friend. We all are aware about how stress inducing the whole experience can get from worrying about lost cards to losing hard earned money. The worst punishment about it all is to replace the contents that have been stolen. It feels like half of your life depends on your wallet. Credit cards, debit cards, your driving license, identity card, insurance cards, everything important including money is fed to your wallet. If it gets stolen, the result feels devastating! Stolen money is not a problem, but the lost cards and important documents are. If in the extreme case, you might even be the victim of a fraud case without any fault of yours! The person who stole your wallet might even use your identity cards to pass on in fraudulent charges and even use your personal information to create new accounts on synthetic identity.

Take a minute and follow some of the advices if you have lost your wallet or even if you have not. It might prepare you for the worst. Before anything else, carefully examine the contents that you have included in your wallet. Create a list of everything. How many bank cards and credit cards did you have? Any passwords or anything secretive scribbled on a piece of paper? Pictures of your family or loved ones? May be a house key or something? Like anything you would never want to fall in the wrong hands of thieves!

Now let us sit back and review some of the lost wallet protection tips that would keep you at peace if in any case your wallet gets lost or stolen.

1. You should immediately report to the police to document the loss. It would keep you in protection lest anything happens.

2. Call up all your banks to inform them so that they can take the needed measures to protect you.

3. Report all your cards — credit, debit, ATM, etc as stolen and issue a new one for you with total new numbers and pins.

4. Then make sure to contact your medical insurance carriers to make sure that your medical benefits are not being used by someone else, which could cause fraudulent medical bills and also altered medical records.

5. If you had a house key in your wallet, do not delay to change your locks.

And if you have not lost your wallet…

1. If possible don’t carry so many cards in your wallet or purse. You see the trouble it brings later when it gets stolen.

2. Refrain from putting in family pictures.

3. It is better to keep copies of everything you have in your wallet and keep them at a safe place somewhere.

4. It is best to subscribe to services like Lost Wallet Protection which is a reliable source in the navigation of the recovery process.

These services can be very useful in such cases. They –

1. Help you to cancel out all your stolen cards and even help to replace them.

2. They assist you in replacing your passport in emergency and even driver’s license in some cases.

Provide you protection through key and wallet return and emergency contacts.

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