VIP Hajj

One of the most blissful experiences of being born into a Muslim family comes in the beautiful form of hajj trips to Mecca. For all those of you who are left unaware of this pilgrimage, let us have a quick glimpse at it through the lens of this article. Being a Muslim, as much as it is important to know the Quran, so is the pilgrimage to Hajj. As long as it is financially affordable for a person to prepare for this trip for himself and his family, it is mandatory for him to return a part of his money to Allah for his blessings.

So what is Hajj basically? Why do Muslims take such pleasure in organizing this trip? Hajj is a very humbling experience which has been carrying on since years immemorial. Here, Kings and the citizens, rich businessman and poor workers, all wear the same simple attire — the white cloth! There, you have to leave behind your ego and individuality to be just one of the crowds. This is to remind the Muslim devotees that behind all the worldly masks they wear and all the unseen deeds they do; it is always overseen by the creator.

Let us now have a glimpse through VIP HAJJ. Being a mandatory religious duty for Muslims, the Saudi Arabian government had introduced this scheme which, as the name suggests is a pretty expensive affair than the regular hajj. It comes with a lot of other benefits and facilities and hence cost a whopping $15,000 as compared to the $4000 regular hajj. From hajj education and seminars, air conditioned buses, learned scholars and motivational lectures by those scholars, this is a luxury.

What are the benefits of VIP Hajj?

1. There is a shorter waiting list. Saudi Arabia keeps a count on the number of pilgrims who will be going to Mecca each year from each country. If you applying for a Hajj trip NOW, it’s possible that your trip would be scheduled for 16 years later. Yes, you heard it right! SIXTEEN YEARS! And even then you would be lucky if it’s just 16 years because if you come from an underprivileged province, it might take you longer than 16 years. There is another risk to it. Destiny decides your fate and hence in 16 years you might get in an accident, you might die. Anything could happen and your money would go waste after waiting for such long. See, the risk?

2. They could be said to be relatively more survivable. Unlike regular hajj, the VIP hajj provides much comfortable accommodations. It is a well known fact that going to this sacred pilgrimage is a very tiring task and hence you can’t afford to be weak. From hotels and other necessary supplies this package can be more survivable. The services offered by them would leave your family back home at peace about parting from you.

3. They are shorter than normal hajj. According to the holy book of Quran of Islam there are a lot of rituals that are needed to be completed when you perform hajj. However, not all of them are mandatory. The major difference between normal hajj and Vip Hajj is that the former has to complete all the rituals while the latter performs only the mandatory ones. Thus, these pilgrims get the luxury to go back home earlier.

Thus, it seems more logical to purchase the package of VIP Hajj if you can afford. However, let the hardships of 600 years ago of hajj fool you because things have changed a lot for better. It’s much easier today than it was during those days. Can you imagine that Kaa’ba, the most visited holy place has air conditioned floor! I am pretty sure you must have never heard someone spending so much money just to make the floor cool. With the coming of new era, the Saudi Arabia government is changing things for better. They have done a lot to facilitate Hajj so that the pilgrims are safe. With these rapid developments by the initiative of Saudi Arabia govt, soon every pilgrim would be on a VIP hajj.

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