Second Innings of Life at Senior Citizen Homes

After your kids leave and you are done with your job, it is easy to feel that you have no sense of direction or purpose. But that should not be the case for anyone. A research study done in Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, and the University of Rochester in New York, showed that the physical and mental health of more than 7,000 American adults ranging from 20 to 75 for 14 years, found that those who felt they had a purpose or direction in life outlived those who did not. Having a plan when it comes to the future of you and your partner after retirement is a must. Your life goes for a 360-degree spin after retirement, so to make sure you are all set and have one less problem and to start the second innings of your life with a bang, one should invest in senior citizen home in India.

Thinking of this brings forward the following reasons how senior living can change lives after retirement.

  • Active and healthy life

Emotional and mental health should be a point of paramount for every person. Both these things are inter-dependable. One should make sure that basic facilities like a park to have those long walks in winters, or a place to do yoga, basic sports facilities or a library where you can read your favorite book should be available. Your body is a temple, and you have every right to maintain it like that.

  • Stress-free living

All your life you’ve had a list of things you wanted to achieve by that time you reached that particular age, followed by another list, followed by another and you get the drill. But in your second innings, you get to treat yourself with all the amenities and comfort you deserved all along. Services such as electricians, plumbers, and repairers should only be a call away. Regular maintenance of infrastructure and cleanliness of rooms should be of top priority. A helping team that caters to all of your concerns is a bonus.

  • Safe and secured

Last but not least, the safety of the elderly is very crucial. Elderly homes in India should make sure that there are zero break-ins, great security staff, and CCTV camera installed and round-the-clock surveillance. A bonus will be if there is 24/7 emergency care, with on-call doctors and ambulances.

In the end, it is significantly important to check if senior citizen homes in India have had a successful past and provides impeccable services. Ashiana Housing is one such real estate company that has been on top of their game when it comes to providing best services in all their projects. They have one of the Best Senior citizen Homes in Chennai, Pune and Delhi NCR.