Problems you will face without two wheeler insurance

If you are out and with your bike and without any two wheeler insurance, then you can get into trouble. Until and unless, your bike is parked inside your house and is just for show, then you do not have to worry about any insurance. Since that is not obviously the case with anyone, you need to take insurance for your bike or scooter.

A research recently showed that around 80% of bikes and other two wheelers on the Indian roads don’t have a valid policy else the policy has lapsed. You never know when what could happen to you and your two wheeler vehicle, it is always better to buy an insurance to be safe and secured. If you fail to renew your policy or your policy has lapsed or you never bought any policy, then you could face few problems…

No no-claim bonus: — If your insurance policy has lapsed for more than 90 days, then you cannot enjoy any benefits of no-claim bonus. You can transfer no-claim bonus to a new vehicle if you are planning to get a new one. But if your two wheeler insurance has lapsed, then you cannot transfer the no-claim bonus.

Default charges: — If you are driving on the roads of India in your two-wheeler or car, you must have a valid and active insurance. If you are caught, then you will be fined a heavy amount and could go to jail for 3 months. So, if you want to avoid all the troubles, simply renew your insurance or buy one!

Lengthy procedure: — It is a rule in India that every vehicle must have insurance and if you own one, you should buy insurance from a reputed company and take the perks of it. In case your policy has lapsed since you did not renew or pay attention to it on time, you will have to go through a lot of trouble to make it active again. The process takes a lot of time and trouble. And the amount is high. So be careful when it comes to your two-wheeler policy.

Do not take renewal of your policy lightly. If you do not have any policy and have a vehicle, go out and buy insurance policy right away.