AppStore featuring doesn’t lead to more quality users

App installs / views ratio

We at App in the Air are obsessed with numbers. One of the question that we ask ourselves recently: whether app featuring (e.g. “Best new app”) attract quality users or not? Short answer: no. Here is here is why.

One of the metric that represent quality of users is Retention. Why retention? It leads to other key metrics. We know our average retention and retention of top users, which is our benchmark.

So we took timeframe when our app has been featured and analysed behavior of these new users within half a year. All we need is itunes connect analytics and tool to measure long-term retention (in our case — our own database).

2 insights:

  1. When you got featured, ratio app installs / views decreases almost 2 times.
  2. Half year Retention of users who install the app is the same as average

Take away:

  1. When you are featured, you get more app views, but people tend to download the app rationally (whether it’s suits them or not).
  2. Don’t expect that app’s featuring attract quality users.

Things to do:

  1. Take actions to stick your users to the app prior featuring or other massive app installs campaigns