Why I don’t believe in Mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s day”, every mother today has woken up to this beautiful greeting embodying her child’s love and respect for her. May 14th, the day most parts of the world celebrate as Mother’s day.

Gifts are handed over, kisses and hugs are showered, children cook food for their mothers with love. Well, that’s what everybody is expected to do, wish their mother all the love in the world on this special occasion.

But I beg to differ…

But I beg to differ, I don’t believe in Mother’s day. Probably because I came to know of it only a few years ago. We were not taught in school as such, only while I learnt French in 9th standard did I come to know that there was a day dedicated to mother’s all over the world called fête des mères.

Thanks to the Internet, now the whole of India has risen up to the occasion to celebrate Mother’s day in the grandest way possible.


I honestly believe that one day doesn’t do her justice.

For all the sacrifices that she has endured right from the beginning , from that excruciating pain during childbirth to all the things that she has given up on just for the sake of her family , one day just wouldn’t do!

I believe that every day is Mother’s day to me. Every time I come home, I help her out with the dishes. Every day I make sure I do some tiny chore so that she gets to spend time with everybody and not just work or spend her time in the kitchen the whole day.

It’s fun because that’s where we talk about our day and exchange deep thoughts.

Yes, she insists that I am better of studying, (becuase that is what mothers do) and that she would take care of her work. But I love spending time with her, helping her out, learning from her mistakes and most importantly being pampered by her.

The adage “Matha Pita Guru Daivam” which translates into Mother, Father, teacher, God teaches us the greatest truth that a mother holds the highest value of reverence.

Over the centuries, the Vedas and Puranas have wanted to tell us this indisputable fact. We were too busy being modern and catching up to the fast pacing world that we chose to turn a blind eye towards what we should have understood long back. Mothers play a very important part in our lives. Yes, it may be clearly evident but as sherlock puts it:

You see but you do not observe.

The moment of truth

My mother is no superwoman, she is an ordinary woman who works for a living and who looks after her family as her main priority.

When I ask her how it is that she is able to charge on every day she whispers, ” Wait till you become a mother, it will all come to you too, you do it out of sheer love”

Every woman has the chance to be a mother, not just to her own children but to every other citizen who looks upon her for support, care and love.

This is what every mother really needs!

This Mother’s day let’s join hands to create a safe world. A world where every mother goes to sleep peacefully. Let’s help lower her burden. Let’s create technologies that help mothers organise and save their time. Let’s abolish social evils that worries every mother. Let’s reduce every mother’s fear of how the world will turn out to be in the future.

Its time we open up our hearts, spread love and compassion for a mother’s heart bleeds only love for its children.

Let’s strive to make every day mother’s day.

And to my Amma, I would like to say that I honestly don’t need a day to tell you that I love, my love for you grows every single day.

Originally published on crazywaywithwords.wordpress.com on May 14, 2017.