How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

In the early ages, the person who could light a fire from stones was the intellectual, and others were dumb.
In today’s world, you can’t be an intellectual on everything. You cannot know everything. 
Your analogy to FRIENDS is totally wrong. And Ross was laughed at the same way, as others were laughed at. The series showed the progress of the “intellectual” Ross by expanding his career to a stage where he got a lifetime job and the women he loved.

Talking about Rachel, she loves to shop. What’s wrong in that? I don’t, but I love to travel, so is there anything wrong with me? You might love to write, is there anything wrong with that? In fact, I think, we should embrace the intelligence that Rachel had. She made a wonderful career out of her passion to shop, and about Fashion, even without having any training in that. She started from being a waitress.

About protecting the nerds, I am a computer programmer, and I don’t think the world treats me badly.

It’s only the negativity of the media, that is making it look worse.

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