How to Make Friends With the User Through the Application

It’s time for understanding consumers and opportunities for attracting their attention

Mobile users have become one of the new marketing trends. Stable access to exchange of data, attachment to geographical location and the interaction with other users, gives impetus to the development of so-called SoLoMo-services (Social + Local + Mobile).

People are turning to third-party resources and friends in social networks, to decide what to choose and are shopping for items on the websites of stores. In general, studies have shown that the main activities for users in the social networks were: advice seeking, reading or writing comments, or sharing experiences with others. 62% of online shoppers said they read the reviews on Facebook before making a purchase. A further 57% said they went directly to the site from the Facebook post.

This new purpose of apps for mobile devices has opened novel approaches to understanding consumers and opportunities for attracting their attention. Based on these trends, there are three main rules to follow that will make your business more successful.

Seamless Market

Online shopping has erased the boundaries between countries, and channels of content consumption cross over each other. After conducting surveys, it became clear that 86% of American shoppers compare prices online. In addition, 78% wanted to try out the product themselves.

Marketers should develop a strategy that will take into consideration the quirks of both mobile and PC consumer information. The user can create an account in the store through Foursquare. Then click on the link to purchase and then leave a review right away on the store’s Facebook page. In fact, a single purchase will affect several areas at once. You will need to accompany the user throughout all stages.

Understanding the client’s side

As never before, the seller should put himself in the buyer’s place and take a different perspective. To do this, you have must display curiosity, critical thinking, and anticipate what issues may arise with the customer. Meticulously analyze every stage of the purchase, smoothing over all uncomfortable moments — the long load time, complex interface, not responsive customer service, for example… Google analyzed how smartphones are used for purchases: in 68% of cases they are used for search, 61% are looking for reviews and coupons on items, 55% are comparing prices. In all these areas, it is important to diligently study the interaction with the customer. To provide information, draw them in, and make search more user-friendly than the competition.

We should realize that there is no universal recipe for how to make all customers happy. For example, to enter the market of another country will require trial and error. You still have to sell the product or service, but in such a way that consumers haven’t just made a purchase but also want to recommend others to do the same. The buyer becomes a sort of agent for your company. This requires flexibility in the approach to each individual.

Leave a good impression

A successful strategy should not just increase the profits of the business, but also change the overall user behavior. If the approach is successful, the client’s loyalty to your brand should also grow. A successful shopping experience is one of the most important criteria for a customer to recommend the store to others. 40% of smartphone users request advice regarding online shops from friends and relatives.

If you so desire, the client should feel a connection to the brand and become a fan. In fact, after the purchase not just the quality of services/goods but also support staff builds your image. Users without any input from your side can strengthen or weaken the brand name just by talking. 32% of downloads of applications for purchase occur based on the recommendations of others. If you show that you are listening, caring and taking into account the opinion of the client, he will start to “cooperate” with the business. As a result, you will be able to understand and give them what it is they want. A Win-Win for both sides.