Design and Partitions

Partitions are very well known and commonly used term in Interior design. They are also called room dividers or space savers.With the ever changing needs and wants in the society, these prove to be a easy and fastest solution to the desired change in your space


Today we will discuss about the partition that are used in your spaces . Partitions are of major importance in defining of any interior or exterior spaces. These spaces are also called transition spaces because they help you transfer smoothly from two different functional zones . Partition defines the temporary needs of the space it is placed in and becomes homogeneous to the surrounding world .


The development and expansion in this field has been tremendously growing . With the new technological innovations partitions Can be made in any and every material.

A part from its technical attractions the ability to merge and define the function in the space, it is more favoured by the designers for their modular and modern approach. As a designer what strikes my mind is we already have such refined details in interior designing , so if we replace the use of brick walls in interior and add transition space to our home! With adaptable room size to customised living space. Imagine if you can change your room size as your children grow up, or blow up your living space during parties and festivals. These partitions can add glam and comfort at the same time in your life. Just think about a home with no bulky permanent walls.


Partitions serves the purpose in variety of style and decor drama. Partitions defines the spaces by being partial , semi partial or opaque. Just like the glass when you welcome the view next door it goes transparent . When you need privacy it goes either frosted or itched with partial view and the glass turns back painted when you need a opaque look, just as the two integral parts of designing element.

Lastly would like to conclude by indulging a positive approach towards the modular living style that can space saving at the same time spacious.

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