What To Wear If You Have An Hourglass Shaped Body

Hourglass shaped body is the most desirable body shape for women. Perfect balanced proportion and sexy curvaceous body are the two main reasons why many women and men lust over this hourglass shape. It’s the epitome of beauty and femininity. And it’s the undeniable truth whether we like it or not. As tempting as an hourglass body shape may be, there are actually only about 8% women in the world who owns this body shape.

  • Your bust and hips are almost equal.
  • You have a well-defined waist.
  • Your shoulders are gently rounded that align nicely with your hips.
  • Your waist is well demarcated and hip gracefully curves out.
  • You have a rounded bottom and beautiful side as well as front profile.
  • Your upper body is proportionate in length to your legs.

1. Go for Tailored and Fitted Clothes.

The key to dressing up is to fully embrace your curves. Always remember that curves that grace on the sides of your body are your assets. Body hugging clothes beautifully flatter the curves that you naturally have. So explore with bodycon dresses, wrap dresses and stretchy tops. These types of body-hugging fashion pieces are some of the great ways to make your curves stand out.

2. Wear V-Neck or Wide-cut Neckline.

V-necks and wide-cut necklines would look extremely flattering on hourglass ladies. The plunging symmetrical cut slims down the upper body which keeps your entire look balanced in a sexy silhouette. As hourglass figures feature full busts, V-necks can also be a way of showing some cleavage — release your sexy self!

3. Wear Streamlined Bottoms and Gowns

Tailored clothing is always best option especially if you have thick thighs and voluptuous hips. This style lets you move freely without hiding your body asset. In addition, streamlined bottoms also lengthen your legs in order for your lower body to look balanced with your upper body. If you want to be a little more daring for your evening gown, you can choose streamlined hems accented with high-cut slit.

4. Tops for Hourglass Body Shape

Lots of necklines look fantastic on you so you will have plenty of choices. Round, V, cowl, square, cross over all look great.

Tucking tops into your pants and skirts will define your waist and create a perfect hourglass figure. A set-in sleeve is the best look for you instead of Raglan sleeves.

Belted tops, Tops with banding or nipping at the waist, Form-fitting tops ,Wrap-style tops

5. Skirts and Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape

Pencil and straight skirts will define your small waist and show your hourglass shape which you always flaunt. Soft A-line will look great. Tuck your tops into your skirts to enhance your waist as much as possible.

6. Pants for Hourglass Body Shape

Pants with wide waistband are very flattering on your body type. Pair up a straight legged pant with skinny top, to balance your hourglass proportions. Wear skinny jeans with banded, belted or not-too-tight body skinning tops. Boot cut jeans look good

7. Jackets for Hourglass Body Shape

You need to look for a perfect tailored jacket to accentuate your slimmer upper body. A great fitted jacket with perfect shoulders and length will enhance your waist, truly adding definition for a perfect jacket that you will wear for years. Leaving the jacket open and showing off the different colour of the top underneath will create a vertical slimming effect.

8. Accessories for an Hourglass Figure

Make sure belts follow the natural curve of your waistline. Small to medium size belts and soft belts are great for that. Play safe with wide belts, as they can make an hourglass body shape with a small torso look even smaller. Hip belts emphasize your bottom and might make it more voluminous. So give a second thought before you wear them.

Short necklaces that hug your neck or long necklaces in a V-form are great. Don’t wear angular necklaces and necklaces that hang too low and wide over your chest. Necklaces that reach your belly are fine.

9. Shoe Styles for an Hourglass Body Shape

Classic shoes like pumps and kitten heels with medium height are great. For hot days, choose a sandal with closed-in toe and a simple strap around the heel. Pointy-toed or almond toe shoes with bottoms that are wide at the hem are great for hourglass shaped women because they elongate the leg line. Shoes that are round toe are good to wear on pants.

Heels are made for you! Little heel will help to elongate your legs and show off your femininity.

Look for a boot with a medium heel that is snug to your thighs.

An hourglass figure should not wear straight leg boots as they hide the curves of your ankles. As well as above-the-knees and calf-length boots.

Top Hourglass Shape Wardrobe Must-Haves

  1. A great bra fit to create maximum upper body and waist leverage.
  2. A belt to show off your small waist.
  3. A perfect pair of jeans to fit your curves and height
  4. A fantastic dress you can dress up or down for work or functions.

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