SERIAL READER — A Brilliant New App That Helps You Read

I recently downloaded the Serial Reader app and I must say, the concept is brilliant! It delivers digestible chunks of any classic or literature book that you want to read to your device. These chunks are called ‘issues’, and each issue can be read within 20 minutes.

I love the interface of the app, it’s really clean and makes reading classics easy and manageable. While using the app I noticed that some features could be added to improve the usability of the app. The features I mention are only to enhance the app, by itself the app has just enough features to function well.

Result of long-pressing a word

Highlight + definition

It would be useful to add an option to highlight text because a lot of high school/college students would find this app really beneficial. 
Since the app includes pieces of classics and literature, the language would be slightly antiquated and not something readers are used to. Instead of using a 3rd party app requiring an online connection to find the definition, the feature could just be incorporated into the app itself, possibly offline.

Save progress

Create an account to save progress to iCloud.

Goodreads Integration

It would be amazing if readers could track progress and mark a book as Read directly from the app.


The app has a good collection of fonts and font-sizes to chose from. However, unlike Apple’s app iBooks, the app doesn’t give you a live preview of the fonts.


The interface to check your reading progress is great! You can see how many issues you have completed, how many are pending, and how many are upcoming.

(The app is only available on iOS as of now.)

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