How We Learn: A Reading List
Abigail Ronck

Great reading list! I think Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk was probably the first I ever saw. Just to add —I read a short piece entitled Mathematician's Lament by Paul Lockhart, which discusses our current approach to teaching and learning mathematics in school. The introduction alone is incredible. I believe Lockhart has now turned it into a short book.

In addition, I want to mention Nicky Case’s work towards using interactive visualizations to tell a story and educate the world about different phenomena like neurons and anxiety or discrimination and diversity in something he calls explorable explanations. It is this idea that we can bring together artists, engineers, teachers, programmers, etc, to create active learning tools. I absolutely love his work and others that fall under this category. It is this attempt to shy away from just traditional readings and add enrich them (and their complicated concepts) with interaction to promote understanding.

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