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Mikala Streeter

If I reflect on my past, one thing is clear — my goals change every four years. In high school, I wanted to be an architect. Then, in my last two years I took Physics, Single and Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra. This prompted me to change my mind and switch to engineering. In college, I picked engineering physics with every intention to work in aerospace. This changed when my summer research project introduced me to micro/nanotechnology. From there, I joined a biotechnology lab with very little biology background. My current state: a PhD group that works in cell mechanics. Four years in, I now realize I was so focused on application but it did not matter. The only constant is my love for math, data, and teaching. I only really discovered it now when I started applying it to the sport I love. Now, I find myself working towards learning the necessary skills that I lack [Python, R, and Machine Learning] in my spare time because in my earlier years, programming did not interest me. I think if I had a global data class and learned programming in this context, I would have saved a lot of time. At least now I know I want to work for a non-profit and apply data science to solve education or medical problems! I will just have to work towards achieving this new goal.

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