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Watch how a sapling grows

In silence.

Fragile yet determined

Absorbing its food

Still and observant

From twilight to dusk

Learning the nature of breeze —

Befriending the zephyr

To face the wind

So that it knows the drift–

The drift of the thunderstorm

Ready to rip apart its dainty buds

And tear away the lone flower;

Erode the humble soil

And yet not uproot the little being;

For mighty is the fury,

But mightier is the silence

That holds enormous power

And unrivalled strength.

Rising from endurance,

Once the dust is settled —

The sapling is wiser and calmer

Now that it knows —

“The discomfort in growth

And the darkness overnight

Is that moment in time,

When your faith and purpose shall rhyme.”




Recipe in a poetic manner

Pasta with tempering (tadka)

The Preparation of Indian Masala Pasta. Photo by Divine

This is the story of
A little oil
Heated on the stove,
With cumin seeds sputtering
And chopped garlic turning golden.
Sautéed onions,
Chilies and Veggies —
Stirred and salted
In a tomato puree.

A teaspoonful of coriander powder,
Sprinkled to perfection
In a heavenly order.
Boiled penne
Added and tossed,
Waiting to soften up
In some curry and sauce.

Grated cheddar is
Up for garnish.
This is the story of
The Indian pasta
With a gooey-gooey finish!


The country-wide lockdown during the last year saw a huge uptake in pasta consumption among the Indians, as reported by The Economic Times. No doubt that Italian food is the new Chinese food for the curry people. We’d prefer it the Indian way! Mushy, gooey, gloppy.



Nikita Vipul

Nikita Vipul

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