Karabiner is a low level macOS kernel extension that gives you a virtual keyboard you can heavily customize to your own liking.

I found out about the power of Karabiner by reading an old article on how you could remap caps lock key into a key that’s actually useful. That is you could remap caps lock to act as escape key when pressed alone and some four/five key modifier when held together. With that article, the notion of a hyper (dual purpose) key was born but most people seemed to have stopped there. …

I wrote about Typinator briefly before where I talked about how I use it to quickly make expansions for natural text input of Fantastical calendar. However you can take this idea of automating your text input further.

And in process, save a lot of time. This article is about my approach to making Write once, never write again statement come true for me.

More often than not, I say the same things many times. Things like

Thank you.

Is it possible to do?

Looking forward to hearing from you

and more. There is also personal stuff that I very often…

Recently I’ve been really enjoying programming and especially programming Alfred workflows in Go language.

It’s super fun programming things that you immediately use yourself and can later iterate on at your own will.

Getting started with Alfred

In short, Alfred is an extendable launcher that can search through almost anything you want it to search through. Be it files, your Safari or Chrome bookmarks, documentation, notes and a lot lot more. You can also issue commands to it such as opening a specific application, quitting an app, uploading images to Imgur and again, a lot lot more. …

Lately, I have been reading and thinking more about my privacy.

What information do I lose control over every time I use some commercial software whose business model is mining as much of one’s personal data as possible.

The answer to that although obvious is quite scary. And that is that you lose everything. Everything that you give that can be captured, logged and recorded.

When you visit a website like Facebook for example and create an account, every information that you then give to Facebook, your name, your address, gender and whatever else you inputted in the fields they…

There is a really cool thing you can do that I started to use and abuse lately.

I use Keyboard Maestro and Alfred to make it happen.

The idea is simple. I found a cool GitHub repo and I want to check out the code of it in the comfort of my own text editor. I can make that happen in just two clicks.

I have a folder named ~/src/clones in my home directory where I clone different repos I like to hack on. I created a macro in Keyboard Maestro that looks like this:

You can find this macro…

A shell is your most open channel for communicating with the kernel of your operating system. It is a ‘shell’ around your kernel that takes the commands that you write to it and performs actions based on the commands you give. It is best to get familiar with it and make it your best friend.

There is actually not that much that you have to do to make a really powerful and modern looking shell on your brand new Unix machine.

There are a couple of different shells available that you can choose from and each has a different interface…

I wanted to write about this topic after reading this wonderful article on Research Debt. It’s a really wonderful look on what it is like to do research amidst all that is happening every day in the world.

I have never done any professional research myself and I have a vague idea of what real research is aside from what I have read about it online and the few questions I asked to people doing real research.

But one thing is clear. The big problem with research is really exploring this unknown territory that no one explored before. …

One day I will die.

Knowing this, it makes you wonder, what will happen after I die. Will I be remembered?

It’s quite humbling to think that we are where we are is a result of thousands of years of effort and thinking done by other people. The discoveries they have made carried through to our times. With internet however, the discovery part is instantaneous. Anyone can get a glimpse of what a person is thinking or doing by looking at his Twitter or GitHub activity or his blog. …

Lately I’ve been focusing on creating a website for mind maps I’ve been making for some time. I prototyped the idea for a search engine for them but I never got to finishing it because I found web development too overwhelming. Thankfully after I posted my little project with the mind map to Reddit, I got an incredibly positive response. 10,000 up votes in two days and more than 3,000 🌟’s on GitHub followed.

I’ve set up a Slack group and some people joined. Most said hi and then left but someone stayed and wanted to help out. He made…

It’s interesting to see how your thinking process evolves with time. You make mistakes and learn from them. You find better ways to do things.

One of the things I have observed, is that purpose and direction in which I am going really matters. For example, the purpose of my undergraduate degree is to be exposed to a lot of material and knowledge about a subject I am interested in. The purpose is to learn with a goal of applying this knowledge in the future or ideally now. There is indeed a lot of information out there and not all…

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