An incredible future

Nikita Voloboev
May 31, 2017 · 3 min read

Lately I’ve been focusing on creating a website for mind maps I’ve been making for some time. I prototyped the idea for a search engine for them but I never got to finishing it because I found web development too overwhelming. Thankfully after I posted my little project with the mind map to Reddit, I got an incredibly positive response. 10,000 up votes in two days and more than 3,000 🌟’s on GitHub followed.

I’ve set up a Slack group and some people joined. Most said hi and then left but someone stayed and wanted to help out. He made a pull request that added a search bar to my still ‘in my thoughts’ search engine and with that something really wonderful was starting to emerge. Another friend of mine, Eonist also joined our Slack group and together we started sharing ideas and seeing how we can develop this thing.

In 20 days, from nothing. We created a search engine.

Image for post

We created a blog:

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We made a logo:

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We created a way to render mind maps from MindNode, and have them render insanely fast. Thanks to Angelo.

We theory crafted on how we can make this project scale with making all mind maps be open source and have contributions be done with reviewed pull requests similar to awesome lists.

I’ve met some really wonderful people in these past few days who share my enthusiasm and passion for visualizing knowledge in this way. But beyond all of this, the most exciting thing is knowing this is all only the beginning.

We have a mission with this project and it is to change how people learn. We want to bootstrap a person from knowing nothing to knowing anything he wishes or dreams to learn about by giving the most efficient paths he can take. And if he learns something new and wants to share it and extend this knowledge graph, he can.

Learning is like climbing a tree. You need the support of branches to leap to the next branch you can see or else you fall down. With this project, we try to visualize the branches you need as support and thus no time is wasted figuring out what knowledge you need to learn some topic or what the best way to learn this topic is. You just learn. And if you have questions, you can join our growing community of learners and makers and we can learn together.

All in all, I am incredibly excited for the future and what our world manages to achieve if we stopped fighting and hating things and instead started to appreciate our limited time on this planet and learn and share new things.

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