Opening up my mind

Nikita Voloboev
May 31, 2017 · 3 min read

One day I will die.

Knowing this, it makes you wonder, what will happen after I die. Will I be remembered?

It’s quite humbling to think that we are where we are is a result of thousands of years of effort and thinking done by other people. The discoveries they have made carried through to our times. With internet however, the discovery part is instantaneous. Anyone can get a glimpse of what a person is thinking or doing by looking at his Twitter or GitHub activity or his blog. People like to share their thoughts and discoveries or events that happened to them.

I want to make this ‘sharing’ easier for myself and I want to do it in a continuous way. I wrote about my idea of knowledge bootstrapping briefly before and I created Learn Anything based purely on this idea of learning anything as fast as possible. But this website only holds links to resources. I want to share my ‘notes’, my ‘bookmarks’ and my ‘setup’ with anyone who cares to learn more and learn faster with me. What I know is something that anyone on this planet can know.

What I can do on my Macbook is genuinely pretty amazing and I wish everyone could experience what I can do. But I didn’t get to this point alone, I had to ask other people and make the connections on my own. Try new things, fail and try again. I don’t want other people failing in places I’ve failed and I want to share what I know at all times, continuously updated.

I offload a lot of my mental activity already into software. All my tasks live in 2Do, all my notes live in my wiki. All my writing that is published is on my blog. All my code is available on GitHub and I started sharing all my code snippets publicly as well. This approach to offloading mental overhead of storing and keeping track of all this information is incredibly beneficial. All I need is a good system to query this information that is faster or as fast as my brain. I organize information in a way that makes sense to me and everything is categorized in a way that allows for fast retrieval of information. How can I access this information incredibly fast?

Alfred is the most amazing software I have installed on my operating system alongside Karabiner. It allows me to do really incredible things in few keystrokes thanks to all the Alfred workflows people have created and shared.

I decided to make an Alfred workflow that I myself will use heavily to ‘query my mind’. All the notes I have made, all the web bookmarks I use, all the GitHup repos and articles I made, all the Reddit subreddits or Quora communities I frequent, all the code snippets I shared on Gist, all the images I curated and more. All available in just a few keystrokes.

This however is just the beginning. Both Learn Anything and my notes will grow in quality and size as more things get mapped and learned and thus the workflow will only get better.

You can download the workflow from GitHub. I hope you like it.

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