Why Medium?

So I decided to move all of my writing to Medium for now and perhaps for some foreseeable future. The question is then why would I do it and not keep it on my own site like a lot of people do?

The answer to that is convenience and removal of friction to actually write my content. I use one really great app where I do all my writing, Ulysses. In it I can just write the content I want to share and press publish

Just like that, the content I wrote is on Medium ready to be edited further and uploaded. Medium also provides a really great platform where people can comment. If I were to host my own blog, I would have to resort to Disqus which isn’t that bad but Medium really does have a certain level of audience and community. There is a certain disadvantage of handing over your content to Medium to keep on their servers and own it. But I am okay with that, I just want to share the knowledge I have with as many people and do it with as less friction as possible so to actually not prevent me from writing. Medium accomplishes that in many ways, I just hope to grow my audience with time so what I have to say doesn’t fall to no-one ear’s. Plus medium has RSS and you don’t have to mess with your site’s settings so your posts get cached and indexed by Google. I hope to write some things useful and technical and move the humanity’s knowledge and availability of free information further.

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