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There is a new guide in town for the new Pulse feature at Help Twitch! If you havent heard about this yet. Check out TechCrunch and StreamerNews article about this. I’m eager to try out this new feature and have been testing it out a little bit. Here is a little copy/paste straight up from the guide with jump links for more information.

What is Pulse?

Pulse is a tool for broadcasters to interact with their followers in new and meaningful ways. It is a single place on Twitch where broadcasters can post content to all of their audience and viewers can engage with their great content on the go. Using text, videos, images, and links to connect with their audience, broadcasters can grow their audience and engage with their followers even when they are not broadcasting.

How is this different from Channel Feed?

Channel Feed and Pulse are different ways of sorting posts. The Channel Feed which is located on the Channel Page, only shows content that the broadcasters has posted. Pulse, however, is an always-on aggregation of posts that are created by everyone who you are Friends with or Follow, and the consolidated view of these posts will now be found on your homepage. The Channel Feed feature will continue to be developed in parallel to Pulse and all new Pulse features will become available in Channel Feed.

What types of posts should streamers share?

Every broadcaster on Twitch is unique and will need to determine what type of content works best for their community. Based on initial qualitative and quantitative data, here are our recommendations:

  • Video works: Whether it is a clip or VOD, share highlights from your broadcast with followers who missed the show or just want to re-live the moment.
  • Functional posts: Weekly schedules and updates are always informative and help keep followers up to date.
  • Drive engagement: Contests, polls, memes, GIFs and more are some of the ways to keep your followers engaged when you are not live.

At launch, hashtags, @ mentions, and other features associated with other social networks will not be included. Please ensure that your posts on Pulse reflect functionality that Twitch supports.

A few things to remember:

  • All content in Channel Feed posts is subject to Twitch Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. All broadcasters are responsible for the content that appears in their posts.
  • Reactions to posts are also subject to moderation. In addition to Twitch moderation, the broadcaster, channel moderators and editors can delete comments or timeout, and report users for inappropriate responses. Broadcasters can limit who can comment on posts via their settings page.
  • Posting something longer than 140 characters and sharing to Twitter will result in a truncated message that, if clicked on Twitter, will simply link back to the full post on your channel.

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