6 New StartEngine Initiatives to Help You Raise Capital

We are happy to announce several new programs that will enhance the services we offer. We realize that we are in a competitive market and we need to demonstrate our ability to continue our mission. The following programs have been created to help you achieve your dreams and raise the capital needed:

StartEngine Marketing Fund

The StartEngine Marketing Fund advances qualified companies up to $50,000 to put towards the marketing and promotion of their campaigns. We understand that running a crowdfunding campaign is both costly and timely. We have also learned that posting a campaign without a thoughtful and well funded marketing strategy will yield disappointing results. Before Elio Motors raised close to $17M in capital on StartEngine, we gave them $50,000 from the Marketing Fund to put towards the promotion of their campaign.

Like Elio, most companies we meet do not have enough capital to market their campaigns effectively. We are solving that problem. To qualify for the Marketing Fund, companies must fit the following Eligibility Requirements.

If your company is raising up to $1,000,000, you must:

  • Pass StartEngine’s Green Light Review process and the objective traction qualification
  • Sign the StartEngine Posting Agreement within 7 days of receiving the offer
  • Submit your final campaign to StartEngine within 30 days of accepting the offer

If your company is raising up to $50,000,000, you must:

  • Pass StartEngine’s Green Light Review process and the objective traction qualification
  • Sign the StartEngine Posting Agreement within 7 days of receiving the offer
  • File Form 1A within 60 days (All Regulation A+ offerings must file their form 1A with the SEC before launching their campaign).

StartEngine Autopilot

Creating and launching a campaign is no easy task. We have simplified this process for you with our newest program, StartEngine Autopilot. For $4,000, we will design and build a top of the line campaign to help you focus on what you do best — growing your business. Most founders do not have the time or resources to focus on the details, we are here to do that for you.

The StartEngine Autopilot package includes the following:

  • Campaign page strategy and design- Each campaign page is specially crafted for the company and their investors. This modern, sleek design that we create will easily transfer across mobile and tablets, while investors are previewing your campaign.
  • Account Management- Management includes a strategy, copywriting, design, and execution. We handle everything related to your campaign page. Ongoing management and optimization is an additional $250 per month.
  • Campaign Video- Videos are crucial to the success of any crowdfunding campaign. A video is your chance to speak directly to your potential investors and engage them in your company’s mission. This video (around 2 minutes) is shot at your chosen (some limitations apply) location and will feature an interview with you and your team, high quality footage and dynamic graphics.

StartEngine Partners

This is a list of StartEngine’s Preferred Partners. Our partners can help you build and market a campaign of any size or provide attorney services with deep expertise in Online IPOs and CPAs who are ready to provide audits and reviews.

Platform Enhancements

Director of Product and StartEngine’s first employee Johanna Cronin has an amazing list of enhancements coming shortly. She has started a Medium blog to share our new features every week. We recommend you click the follow button.

StartEngine Clubs

It’s time for StartEngine investors to help organize communities around investments opportunities. Our investors will soon be able to bring their own community to invest in industries they love with StartEngine Clubs.

What is a StartEngine Club?
Each StartEngine Club will focus on a specific topic, like VR, 3D printing or sustainable farming. If you are passionate about an industry, you are probably not the only one! A StartEngine Club allows communities of fans to join together to find and invest in companies they believe in.

Who manages the club?
Anyone can create a club about a specific industry. Email teddy@startengine.com with the subject line “StartEngine Clubs” and tell us what industry you are interested in creating a club.

The leader of each club will select the focus of the club and recruit other members from their own community. We are confident that this will help increase the number of investors across StartEngine and strengthen the community.

What are the benefits of being in a club?
Members of a club will be able to connect with others in the StartEngine community. Founders of the club will receive StartEngine perks, such as features in our newsletter and on Facebook Live events, invitations to StartEngine events and you will even receive StartEngine swag! Members of StartEngine Clubs will become our very own brand ambassadors.

StartEngine Champions

Over 90% of the companies listed on StartEngine have come through referrals. We are proud to say that not only will we continue to rely on our community to find great companies, but we will now reward you for your hard work. It is simple, all you need to do is refer a company and if their campaign goes live, you have earned $2,500.

This unique referral program allows anyone to earn $2,500 every time we list a referred company. StartEngine’s mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and we would like you to invite the businesses within your community to hold a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine and help them grow their businesses with the capital they need.

The requirements for a company to list on StartEngine are:

  • Have a business plan
  • Have a large and loyal social following or the ability to gain one
  • Pass legal due diligence
  • Be incorporated in the US for Regulation Crowdfunding
  • Be incorporated in the US or Canada for Regulation A+

Email introductions can be sent to niki@startengine.com with the subject line “StartEngine Champion Introduction.”

We are confident that with these tools and programs will help you raise the capital you need to achieve your dreams and help fund the next Tesla, Facebook or Uber. Please leave any comments or questions below!