Baqua Asks the Crowd to Refuel on Quinoa, Rehydrate on Barley

Founder of Certified Organic Juice Company, Sandra Marlowe, shares how her Kentucky-based company is on a consumer health mission.

Baqua is leading a beverage revolution. It’s pumping ancient grains into bottles that are more commonly known to contain something less healthy. We asked Founder Sandra Marlowe why she’s seeking investors from the public on StartEngine.

What is Baqua? Tell us a bit about the company.

We are a Kentucky-based family business that developed a delicious line of certified organic ancient grain and fruit juice beverages. The health properties of ancient grains are making headlines. Our naturally wheat-free, proprietary blend is a rich combination of the ancient grains barley, amaranth, quinoa, oats, chia, buckwheat and millet.
Baqua’s inspiration came during a trip to England when I was introduced to the favorite drink of the Royal Family, and the official drink of Wimbledon for 80 years — Lemon Barley Water. I was delighted by the taste and intrigued by its authentic roots to the barley strength drinks of Ancient Greece.
Shortly after my visit, I truly believed Americans would fall in love with a version of this healthful beverage and embrace the benefits of barley water. Together with my active family we chose a blend of ancient grains, developed flavor profiles, taste-tested them among friends and family, and the Baqua journey began.

What is your mission?

Baqua is on a consumer health mission. Consumers are demanding healthier options. Studies show Millennials are the demographic driving this functional beverage revolution. Baqua is proud to be an active participant in this movement! The drink aisles of retail outlets are changing dramatically.The growing number of health-conscious consumers who are carefully choosing what they eat and drink has led to a 10-year decline in sales of carbonated soft drinks (CSDs). At Baqua, we pride ourselves on delivering to consumers a product with nutrients derived from the LAND, NOT THE LAB.

How do you see Baqua making a difference in the world?

Baqua gives active consumers a healthier option to both refuel and rehydrate. It is an appealing shelf stable natural refreshment beverage with great taste and no preservatives or added sugars. Each serving of Baqua is packed with antioxidants and electrolytes, and provides 100 percent RDA of vitamin C. Our immune boosting blend aids in the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body. Baqua delivers effective hydration and is a healthy organic alternative to other sports drinks on the market. Our 12oz PET bottle is designed for convenience and portability, meeting the demands of the active lifestyle consumer.

Why did you choose to raise from the crowd?

We feel crowdfunding is a dynamic new way to build brand awareness and increase our fan base. It is an exciting and innovative way to generate necessary small business start-up capital.

What is the best part about working at Baqua?

The unlimited supply of free Baqua is certainly a perk! Also the ability to continue meeting other dynamic entrepreneurs in the organic food and beverage market is exciting and informative. I am inspired by the fellow business owners I have met on this journey.

What is the one piece of technology the Baqua team cannot live without?

Slack! it has helped eliminate unnecessary email threads. Slack has increased effective in-office communication among co-workers. It is extremely helpful when co-workers are traveling to stay in real-time communication. Slack also allows for quick file transfer during webinars. We never work without it!