I Want For You What I Want For Me

How much time are you spending trying to find the right things to say or do in your soul’s work?

What about in your love life?

And how about on your own spiritual journey?

So much time trying to make sure it’s good and perfect and pleasing and that it’s all going to get you the precise outcome you want.

I want us to stop the madness.

I want to invite the Divine in.

I want us to free ourselves- body, mind, and soul.

I want for you what I want for me.



Creative expression.




Seeing the world through new eyes.









Orgasmic waking bliss.

This only comes when we unlock the ever-tightening cage around our womanhood.

When we say YES to our truth and NO to that which diminishes us.

Today, I invite you to release the need for life and love and purpose to look and sound a certain way.

Let go of the belief that you are not already WHOLE and DIVINE just as you are.

Begin to take a STAND for what you believe in.

Show the world exactly WHO YOU ARE.

Loving you,

N 💋


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