Things You Never Considered Offensive Until You Became A New Mom

Nikki Campo
Jul 12 · 1 min read

Your partner asking if everything is okay

Your partner not asking if everything is okay

Anyone who isn’t breastfeeding asking how breastfeeding is going

Natural child birth stories after your epidural at three centimeters

A list of 37 Thank You cards you still need to write for your shower

The pediatrician asking about the baby’s sleep

Any person, but especially persons in your own home, drinking coffee that is still hot

Book titles like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Any reference to the book Bringing Up Bebe

Amazon suggesting you might also like Contour Super-Plus Heavy Absorbancy Pads, 196-count

Netflix asking if you’re still watching

Therapists who nod without saying anything

Mommy blogs that don’t swear

Walk-ins welcome signs at wax salons


Nikki Campo

Written by

Serious and silly: I write both because I am both. Follow me @nikkicampo on Twitter.

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