Flagstaff’s $15 Minimum Wage Hike Is A Bridge Too Far
Erik Kain

Hi Erik,

Thank you for writing this article. I did want to add-on to one point, if I may.

You stated, “A starting teacher’s salary is just under $40,000/year in Flagstaff.” For a first year teacher in the Flagstaff Unified school district, the starting pay is actually $34,655 (http://www.fusd1.org/domain/1220). So, compared to your estimate of a worker making $31,200/year full-time at minimum wage, the difference is not that big of a gap.

Also, consider that a full time worker in a minimum wage position probably only works 40 hours a week. A teacher averages about 50 hours a week (http://www.nea.org/home/12661.htm) and a first year teacher probably works 60–70 hours a week (source: first hand experience). The difference of only $3455 is really no gap at all.

Talk about economic fairness and Flagstaff sobering up.

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