What Does The Tarot Say About Maine’s Heroin Addiction Epidemic?

If Tarot’s not your thing, it might strike you odd that the first thing I reached for was my deck upon hearing that the Governor of Maine made some rather racist remarks about drug dealers from Connecticut and New York coming to his state, selling heroin, and impregnating young girls.

But, I’m a Tarot reader, and that’s generally my impulse.

I found myself utterly unsurprised that the card I pulled was The Moon.

The Moon, Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

The Moon is a call to shine light on your shadow side, the things that you’d prefer to be in denial about but which are actually true.

The Tarot is calling you out, Maine.

If you’re blaming brown guys with names like D-Money, Smoothie, and Shifty for creating your heroin problem, you are scapegoating and grossly missing the point.

Drug dealing is a business, an illegal business, yes, but a business nonetheless. It operates on the same principles of capitalism that every other business operates on.

And you, Maine, happen to have a market for it.

Don’t even start, Maine.

I can hear you start to victim blame those junkies and their smack and why can’t they just quit, it’s all their fault they keep doing it, all the way from New York City, so let’s just nip this in the butt with a little truth telling about what causes addiction, alright?

Let’s start with a little cartoon about everything you know about addiction being wrong, okay?

In case you didn’t watch that, let’s summarize.

A bunch of experiments on addiction were done on rats, and when rat was put alone in a cage with two water bottles, one that was pure water and one that was laced with drugs, the rat chooses to drink the drugged water until it kills itself.

However, when you put rats into an environment where they’re with other rats and have lots to play with, as psychologist Bruce Alexander did in his experiments (you can read more about that here), the rats barely touch the drugged water.

The Vietnam War mirrored this scenario. 20% of American soldiers were using heroin when they were in Vietnam, and the fear was that when they returned to the States we’d have a lot of addicted veterans. That didn’t happen. 95% of the heroin using veterans stopped using the drug when they returned home because they no longer needed the drug once their living conditions improved.

How does this apply to your heroin problem, Maine?

It seems to me to say that a bunch of Mainers don’t feel that they have a whole lot to live for, so they turned to something that might take the edge off the pain of being alive with no hope of things improving.

So, perhaps a good place to start, Maine, is to start asking questions as to why so many people are feeling so hopeless and start coming up with actual solutions instead of wasting your time scapegoating while people die.

P.S. New Hampshire, you’re not off the hook. You have the same problem. Act accordingly.

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