If only I could talk,

She gave me two kisses on my forehead.Something was certainly not right.You see,she always kissed me good morning once.Today it felt different.

I watched her vanish beyond my eye-sight. “She’s pretty.Much more than last night.I will miss her.”

Without much to ponder,I reached out for my bowl.She had poured me some soup.Delicious.Unlike the curdled milk he always served me.

It was a bright morning,brighter than they usually are.I ventured into my daily routine-play,play, play.Only today she wasn’t there to play with me or at least stare at me with her intimidating cocoa-brown eyes as I did.Her glare fell on me like the shine of stars befell the universe in the dark.In equal, if not greater, magnitude.I felt lonely.Nostalgic.

Aha,the other day I overheard her talking to him.He was picking an argument.She said she felt nostalgic.He said that what she felt rather, was premonition.

She didn’t argue;she kept saying, “Aha,yeah,I think so.”Something she does when she is certain about a thing.She knew she was right.After all there is no use arguing over a fact,is there?

I guess it’s premonition that I felt,if you let me correct myself.I spent the better part of the morning tossing on the sand under the penetrating rays of the radiant sun,as if it was a relaxing ritual to help keep her thoughts off my head.It was not easy,you know,they kept coming.Coming really strongly at me.

The lady at the main house was not around either.She had departed for work earlier that morning.I watched her as she bid her goodbye with a light peck on her cheek.One thing was consequently crystal-clear:no lunch for me.

The day was incredibly long.Quite long indeed.Eventually,dusk knocked in,still she had not returned.Will she?

I saw everyone gather at the dining table but her.Where was she?What had happened to her?No one seemed as worried as I did,like they knew something.Of course they did.I did not,I could not ask either.I felt the separation which I usually never did when she was around.Alienation, which is justified.I can’t complain.

I lay there on the carpet,paranoia swiftly creeping into my brain such that I could hardly eat. “What if I never get to see her again?If I had to live without her then my life was definitely going to be miserable.”

The lady of the house put me in my room after supper.No good night kiss,no long stare. Nothing.Marking the saddest day of my life.I lay there dull and helpless until sleep took me away.

The following morning,still she wasn’t there.Days passed,a week has passed and still I have not set my eyes on her. She’ll be back some day.I don’t know,I just hope so.

In case you see her,tell her that I am learning to live without her,also, don’t hesitate to let her know that she took a piece of me with her.